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Grind is mainly used to remove giant pillars like these that can occasionally be found. It can also be used on a similar ice structure in Mars Lighthouse.

Grind.gif Grind (グラインド, Grind) is a Venus-class Utility Psynergy that costs 2 Psynergy Points to use. It is only available to Adepts that equip the Grindstone (a gift from King Hydros of Lemuria), which, in a first for the series, can only be equipped by Venus Adepts. Since the Grindstone currently only appears in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, only Isaac and Felix can use Grind.

Grind is used to "Pulverize large objects," namely certain large, brown, stones. This Psynergy is required to get from the eastern sea to the western sea through the Gondowan Cliffs. Other mentionable uses of this skill are to access the deeper portions of Treasure Isle and exiting the Sea of Time much faster.

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