Lich Psynergy set

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Phoenix being cast in The Lost Age.

The Lich Psynergy set is a series of Support Psynergies introduced in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. The set is notable in that both stages are functionally identical, with only a change in name and visual to distinguish the two.

Basic Description

Lich is a Venus-based single-target support Psynergy, while Phoenix is a Mars-based single-target support Psynergy.

Star venus.gif Venus 10 PP
Range 1.gif
"Revive an ally with the undead's aid." (TLA-present) Revives a single Downed ally to full HP.
Star mars.gif Mars 10 PP
Range 1.gif
"Revive an ally with the phoenix's fire." (TLA-present) Revives a single Downed ally to full HP.

Visually, each stage of the set features the caster summoning a monster, a Lich and a Phoenix respectively, to revive the selected target.


Lich and Phoenix can only be used on actively-battling party members that have the Downed status. When used, the selected party member will be revived to 100% of their HP total. Unlike Revive, Lich and Phoenix cannot be used as a Utility Psynergy outside of battle.


Lich and Phoenix are unique to the Tamer class series, an Item-dependent class available to any Adept that has equipped the Trainer's Whip. Currently, the Trainer's Whip is only found in The Lost Age, and thus the Lich set is limited to playable Adepts found in that game.

Both stages of the set are learned at level 28. However, neither are available to the base stage of the Tamer class: Many Psynergies are only available to the more advanced versions of a class, and Lich and Phoenix are no exception. What separates Lich and Phoenix from most Psynergies is that each successive Psynergy replaces the former. To access Lich and Phoenix, the appropriate Adept must progress along the Tamer Class. Each stage requires an increasing number of Djinn of the three elements other than the Adept's own, equally split between the three elements. Lich will be learned by the Beastkeeper, while Phoenix is learned by the Beast Lord.


Lich and Phoenix can be considered to be cheaper versions of the Revive Psynergy. This makes both Psynergies useful when considering the low PP pool of the Tamer class. They cannot replace Revive, however, due to their inability to be used out of battle, as well as the limitations of the Tamer class in general. Given the low PP pool of the Tamer, Lich and Phoenix would only see use when the player's normal Revive user has been downed, as the Tamer is better off attacking in other circumstances.

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