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Thermal turns a small spiraling column of fire into a big one that carries the party up to a higher level using an updraft.
"Create a warm air current with fire energy."

Thermal (サーマル, Thermal) is a Mars Utility Psynergy featured in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Its encyclopedia entry reads as follows:

"This fire-based Psynergy creates a warm updraft strong enough to lift the user up to otherwise inaccessible heights."

Basic Description[edit]

Thermal is known inherently by Eoleo and costs 3 PP per use. Thermal is used at blocks that emit a spiraling column of fire to updraft which can then be stood upon to ride up to the floor above. Once at the top, the updraft can be used as a makeshift platform for navigation. However, the updraft will cease once the player leaves the room.

The first time the party encounters one of these fire columns, a short cutscene commences, showing Eoleo using the Psynergy and giving an explanation of its use.

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