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Patcher portrait

Patcher (チンカーア Tinker) is a supporting character in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.


Patcher runs all manner of services in a settlement named after him as a result.

Patcher was one of the many refugees from Vale, following its destruction in the aftermath of the Golden Sun event. In the thirty years since then, he settled near the newly raised Goma Plateau, and founded a large general store and inn known as Patcher's Place. During the present time, a small settlement emerged around Patcher's Place, and the area came to be a home for many of the survivors of Vale's destruction. As the founder of the store, Patcher is the closest thing to a town leader, despite not being a mayor.

Sometime prior to Dark Dawn, Patcher had a run in with Garet's son Tyrell, who nearly burned down the store though reckless use of his Mars Psynergy. The day before Dark Dawn's outset, Matthew had visited the store with Isaac during a supply run. When Matthew, Tyrell, and their friend Karis are assigned a quest to retrieve a Mountain Roc feather, Isaac and Garet, would first send the trio to Patcher's Place, not only to get supplies but to get information from Patcher about starting out. Garet would warn Tyrell about staying out of Patcher's sight, as Patcher still held a grudge against him.

Patcher would welcome Matthew and Karis warmly when the group arrived at his shop, but was instantly angered at the sight of Tyrell, revealing the near destruction of his store. Matthew and Karis worry that Patcher would not give the group any useful information, but Patcher would apologize after learning that the three had been trusted with a quest. Patcher then assisted the young Adepts by giving an explanation of his store's goods (essentially giving the player a tutorial about shops and Inns.)


  • In Patcher's Place:
Tyrell: "Heh... Hi there, Patcher."
Patcher: "YOU! Garet's son! What are you doing in here? Come back to make MORE trouble?!"
Tyrell: "Trouble? Me? Here? That's ancient history!"
Patcher: "Ancient history?! I remember it like it was yesterday! Your stupid Psynergy nearly burned down my store! I want you outta here! And you others-finish your shopping and be on your way!"
Patcher: "So, you're traveling with Tyrell... Do you really trust that hothead?" (If Matthew says yes) "Isaac trusted him with a quest, huh? I suppose I can sell you some goods then. You'll need all the help you can get if you're traveling with Tyrell."