Goma Plateau

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The main plateau area east of the bridge that connects to Lookout Cabin. The stairs to the lower left leads to the overworld, while the cave entrance to the lower right connects to Tanglewood.

Goma Plateau (ゴマ山 Goma Mountain) is the portion of the Goma mountain range that was upheaved by the Golden Sun event. Isaac chose to build his Lookout Cabin on one of the plateau's outcroppings, allowing him a spectacular view of Mount Aleph to the north through which he keeps an eye on Aleph's remains. It is one of the earliest locations in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, and in the game it technically begins when the area of Lookout Cabin is exited.

Goma Plateau's map starts with a long bridge that connects the cabin's area from west to the rest of the plateau, where the road forks. Going south leads to the overworld on a linear path to Patcher's Place, while going further east leads to a cave entrance leading to a single, large, cavernous room. Beyond this cave is the path into Tanglewood, which itself leads into the Abandoned Mine; these three areas together function as the game's introductory dungeon-style area.


Official art of the cave at Goma Plateau, which is an accurate map of the cave area in the game. The lower left entrance leads back to Lookout Cabin, while the other entrance leads to the Tanglewood.

Once your party, comprised of Matthew and Karis, have exited off the right of the screen with the Lookout Cabin in it and emerge on the west end of Goma Plateau, lengthy cutscenes begin to happen which essentially rigidly guide the party through the Plateau towards and through the cave into and through Tanglewood beyond. Cutscenes will prevent you from leaving the bottom end of the plateau area into the overworld at this point, so head to the cave entrance at the lower right.

Inside the cave, your first battle will ensue; like all battles at the beginning, this is extremely easy, and most can be won in a single move by having Karis cast the Whirlwind Psynergy. Following this, follow the path around the cave room's perimeter clockwise, sliding down a cliff slide near the top left of the room, until you get close to the top right where an earth pillar stands in your way; different cutscenes will occur if you either use the Move Psynergy to drop the earth pillar off its platform, or you retreat back a bit, in which case you then must use Move to remove the pillar. Move will be assigned to the left shoulder shortcut for you, so press the L button to cast Move while near the pillar. Hop across the area where the pillar used to be located. From the upper right corner of the area you can hop to the Psynergy Stone pointed out in a cutscene - hop left twice, down twice, and left once to reach it - and interacting with it will consume it and replenish your party's PP meters. Slide down the cliff slide at the right end and follow the path out of the cave's right exit.

Back outside, head down to the area below the cave exit to where there is a lone earth pillar, and cast Move to move it one space right, allowing you to hop left across it. After another cutscene at the bottom left area of the screen, follow the linear path right and up into the next dungeon segment, Tanglewood.


Bestiary of Goma Plateau
Monster Name LVL HP ATK DEF AGI EXP Coins Weakness Drop Drop Rate
Flutter Seed 1 12 22 5 9 3 1 Star jupiter.gif Herb DD.png Herb 1/8
Slime 1 18 19 4 6 2 1 Star mars.gif Herb DD.png Herb 1/8
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