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Barai Temple

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The exposed entrance to the underwater temple in Barai Pond.

Barai Temple (バライ神殿, Barai Temple) is a dungeon in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. This temple is initially submerged within the Barai Pond at Ayuthay. When the Alchemy Well has been temporarily reversed, the water will recede and the temple can be entered. Deep within is the Insight Glass that will choose someone from Ayuthay to learn Insight. The interior of the temple, particularly the entrance, is decorated with images of the Luna Mask.


In search of the Sol Mask needed to reactivate the Alchemy Forge, Matthew and party are sent by Baghi to Ayuthay to seek advice as to how to retrieve it from the Ouroboros. Upon arrival, they learn from King Paithos of the Insight Glass with the temple and are tasked with reversing the Alchemy Well in order to retrieve it. Using the power of the Sand Prince Stone, the party of Adepts, joined by Amiti, succeed in reversing the flow and entering the until recently submerged temple. Curiously, they find a couple of already emptied chests, indicating they aren't the first ones to explore it. One of these chests has had its original content replaced with a note telling the Adepts that what they seek lies deeper within the temple. Upon reaching the innermost depths, Matthew and co. solve one final puzzle, creating a whirlpool that leads to the Insight Glass. It is here revealed that the Insight Glass chooses its wielder and Amiti ends up becoming the wielder of the Insight Psynergy. Having retrieved what they came for, the party proceeds to exit the temple.


Once you have entered Barai Temple in the center of Ayuthay's drained lake, cast the Arid Heat Psynergy on the water bowl to lower the elevator down, then go past the first water hallway to a water-filled room with blocks floating on the water as platforms. Hop across the blocks to the left, and proceed along the linear path to a room with multiple chests. The chest above you is empty, so hop right across the block and go out this room's central south exit to return to the aforementioned room. Hop south to the water bowl and cast Arid Heat on it to lower the water level. Now climb down the ladder and hop left and up to access the center chest of the room above; it contains a letter telling the party to go further into the temple's depths.

To get to the chest at the right end of the room, go down the stairs right of the center chest, then cast the Move Psynergy on the block to move it to the dark tile one space right of it. Past the exit south of this block is another water bowl, but dont't bother with this yet; instead, retrace your steps to the bowl you emptied, and fill it up by casting the Douse Psynergy to raise the water level back up. Hop north through the center door into the chest room above and hop right across the block you moved to get to the chest with the Storm Brand, a Long Sword artifact. Now go all the way back to the lower water bowl, and now empty that with Arid Heat to lower the water further and access the lower door nearby to the upper left.

The next room is a row of five waterfalls, the left, center, and right of which conceal doorways into a room beyond. Walk through the center waterfall's doorway to see what this next room looks like, then come back out and hop through the leftmost waterfall to get to a chest with the Kimono, a Clothing artifact. Now hop through the rightmost waterfall, then hop left across the U-shaped arrangements of pillars and blocks to another water bowl. Arid Heat its contents to lower the water level, and now move the blocks around so that one is in the midway point between the upper two pillars and one is above that. That way, when you fill the bowl up with Douse to raise the water level, you can hop to and up from these blocks to reach the doorway at the top of the room.

Surge is found late in Barai Temple, gotten once a Fireball has been shot at it.

In the next room, the Mercury Djinni Surge is visible. Traverse the winding and linear path through this room to the north end. You can get this Djinni now if you want: Stand either left of it or right of it and cast the Fireball Psynergy at it to make it jump down into the water, and empty the bowl with Arid Heat to lower the water level and access it. You must fight it to add it to your collection. You can choose to leave this Djinni behind uncollected for now, because the game will show you how to get it at a later point anyway. Either way, go up the north door.

In the next room, a Glyph tablet tells you that getting water to pour into the pool will open a path to this dungeon's ancient relic. There is a large, purple weighing scale here with empty bowls attached to each of its arms. Hop left onto and up from the upper right block to get to the right bowl, and fill it up with water to weigh the right scale so that the top part of it serves as a stairwell to the top part of the room. Go through the door at the upper right corner of the room, pushing the block out of your way in the process. The room beyond that features pipes similar to the pipe puzzles in Mercury Lighthouse in the original Golden Sun, though much simpler - simply roll the three off-colored pipe segments in place, then hop to the bowl at the top and fill it with water to make water go through the pipe and empty out of the trunk of the elephant-head statue in the previous room.

Return to the previous room, and slide down and make your way to the water bowl you filled. Empty it with Arid Heat to make the scales balance out again, and then hop your way to the other water bowl to the left and fill that up with water. This will cause water to pour into the center of the pool. Now go up to the elephant head statue with the help of casting the Growth Psynergy on the plant at the upper right, and then step into the water underneath the statue. You will automatically be transported along the elevated waterway and enter the portal into the room below. A cutscene automatically transpires, during which the Insight Psynergy is demonstrated - when it is used, objects that Psynergy can have an effect on show which Psynergy can be used on them, In this case, a fan on the ground can have the Whirlwind Psynergy used on it. After the cutscene, use Whirlwind to transport yourself back up.

If you've collected the Djinni, you can cast the Retreat Psynergy right away to leave the dungeon, but if you haven't, go back into the room below where the Djinni is, and a brief cutscene ensues where Insight shows how you need to use Fireball on it. Get the Djinni now before casting Retreat to leave and return to Ayuthay.


DjinnDDIconSurge.gif Mercury Djinni Surge

Kimono DD.gif Kimono
Storm brand.gif Storm Brand


Bestiary of Barai Temple
Monster Name LVL HP ATK DEF AGI EXP Coins Weakness Drop Drop Rate
Cuttle 13 104 109 34 45 88 75 Star mars.gif Antidote DD.png Antidote 1/8
Hydra 13 123 132 24 37 319 108 Star mars.gif Potion DD.png Potion 1/16
Lizard Man 13 166 143 46 43 154 82 Star mars.gif Crystal Powder DD.png Crystal Powder 1/16
Merman 13 102 130 26 52 121 67 Star mars.gif Crystal Powder DD.png Crystal Powder 1/16
Mercury Djinni (Surge) (unique) 13 309 121 35 70 440 187 Star mars.gif N/A N/A

Enemy Formations

  • Group 1: Cuttle x1-2
  • Group 2: Hydra x1-3
  • Group 3: Lizard Man x1-2
  • Group 4: Merman x1-2
  • Group 5: Cuttle x1, Hydra x1-2
  • Group 6: Lizard Man x1, Cuttle x1-2
  • Group 7: Merman x1, Cuttle x1-2
  • Group 8: Hydra x1, Lizard Man x1


  • The entrance to the chamber that holds the Insight Glass is similar to the entrance into Aqua Rock in that water must drop into the center of a pond, creating a whirlpool which brings Matthew's party to a lower floor.
  • The images of the Luna Mask within the temple are analogous to those of the Sol Mask within the Ouroboros. This plus the appearance of already empty chests could be meant to indicate that the Luna Mask was retrieved from Barai Temple.
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