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Element unknown
Hometown Ayuthay
Age unknown
Relatives Veriti (sister)
Amiti (nephew)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Gray
Japanese name Puttos

Paithos (プットス Puttos) is a supporting character in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. He is the uncle of Amiti and ruler of the kingdom of Ayuthay. He is technically an Adept, though one of extremely limited power, as, by his own admission, he has barely enough power to move even a pebble.


As the ruler of the kingdom of Ayuthay. He presides over the kingdom in a time of prosperity brought about by the activation of the Alchemy Well.

He is saddened when his nephew, Amiti (the crown prince and heir to his throne, since Paithos has none of his own), informs him that he must depart with Matthew and co after learning the power of Insight, but is nonetheless accepting and encouraging of his kin's decision.

Kyle.gif Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.

Paithos, upon being met by Matthew's group, reveals the lineage of Amiti. For his whole life, Amiti had believed that he was conceived by his mother's powerful abilities as an Adept. This, Paithos explains, is entirely false. Not only does he have a father, but his mother was not an Adept, not even an extremely weak one like himself. He goes on to explain that Amiti had inherited his powers as a Mercury Adept from this father, though, apart from calling him an incredibly powerful Adept, Paithos does not know any further details about Amiti's father.

After the eclipse, if the player returns to Ayuthay, they will find Paithos absent from his throne. He is in fact, ill and bed-ridden within the inn. He is glad to see Amiti, and tells the boy that he must assume the throne, as he is bound for death, but Amiti turns him down, saying that his quest is not finished, and the world is still in danger. Paithos then says that he will endure at the very least until Amiti and friends have accomplished their ends. If his mind is read though Spirit Sense, he will give a hint as to the location of a great treasure, the potent Heirloom Ring.


  • In Ayuthay
Tyrell: "Well, who's this Paithos then? Is this guy really worth all this security?"
Child 1: "How can he not know?!"
Child 2: "Paithos is wondrous beyond comprehension!"
Child 3: "How can an Adept not know this?"
Amiti: "Please, let's be more patient with our guests... Paithos is our king."
Paithos: "You have done well, Amiti, son of Veriti!"
Tyrell: "Uh-oh-this guy wants something from us. I can tell!"
Karis: "Oh, Tyrell! You shouldn't speak to King Paithos like that!"
Rief: "You mustn't, Tyrell!"
Tyrell: "What?! Oh, come on! You know I'm no good with this fancy talk!"
Paithos: "So blunt! How refreshing! I believe we'll get along perfectly."
Amiti: "Honesty is always welcome in our court."
Paithos: "Surely our pond water won't stand in the way of mighty Adepts like you, will it?"
Paithos: (After Amiti and Matthew return from Barai Temple and reveal that the Insight Glass chose Amiti to wield it) "The...Insight Glass could think? What do you mean, it chose you? This cannot be, Amiti!"
Amiti: (To Paithos) "We can't rely entirely on your kind people to fix the problems plaguing our Ei-Jei region. I must go... Paithos cannot stop me. We can leave, Matthew."
Paithos: "Wait, Amiti, I command you!"
Amiti: "You would stop me, after all that's been said?"
Paithos: (After a moment's hesitation) "That is not my intention. Your convictions have convinced me. Go. Walk the path you have chosen, Amiti. You are one of them now."
Amiti: "Farewell, Uncle."
Paithos: "You leave with my blessing. Be careful. I never thought to prepare you for such a journey."
Paithos: "Ah, my dear child. You'll be a man the next time we meet."
  • In Ayuthay (late-game visit)
Amiti: (Paithos lies terminally ill in bed) "Uncle! I am here too! What is wrong?"
Paithos: "Uncle...? I'm afraid I won't be your uncle for much longer. Paithos shall soon wither away..."
Amiti: "The Grave Eclipse must be doing this!"
Paithos: "My reign is coming to an end. But you look ready to rule. I'm happy to...step down..."
Amiti: "Uncle, no! I cannot stay! We have important things left to do! And I... may not survive what is to come!"
Paithos: "Then I cannot go. Not until you return to me safely, Amiti."
Amiti: "Then hold on, Uncle. We'll be back, I promise you."
Paithos: "I'm relying on you, Matthew. Keep Amiti safe."
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