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Emperor Unan
Hometown Tonfon
Relatives Lord Kuan (brother)
Hinechou (sister-in-law)
Hou Ju (niece)
Ryu Kou (nephew)
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Dark Brown

Emperor Unan (ウカン, Ukan) is a non-playable character from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. He rules the country of Sana in Angara from Sana's capital city of Tonfon. Unan is the brother of the late Lord Kuan, and therefore the brother-in-law of Lady Hinechou and the uncle of Ryu Kou and Hou Ju. He is described as a scholar, and is known widely for his knowledge and wisdom. Unan's Encyclopedia entry reads as follows:

This wise and educated monarch rules Sana from the capital of Tonfon. He succeeded the warlike Emperor Ko after a bloody civil war, uniting and bringing peace to his war-torn country.


Unan lets Matthew's party have whatever treasures his predecessor Ko hoarded if it would help end the Grave Eclipse.

Some point prior to the timeline of Dark Dawn, Sana's leader, the warlike Emperor Ko, died. After Ko's death, a civil war broke out, pitting Ko's intended successor, King Wo, against Unan. Ultimately Unan was successful, though the victory was not without loss. The Sanan colony of Morgal had taken the civil war as an opportunity to launch a successful revolt. In the battle, Unan's brother, Lord Kuan, was killed and Lord Kuan's children go missing. Unan's reign brings much-needed peace to the region, though he and Lady Hinechou grieve for the loss of their loved ones.

Later, Matthew and his party meet with Unan to discuss the Grave Eclipse that is ravaging much of Angara. Unan's own country is unaffected by the eclipse, and the group has heard of his wisdom. The group of Adepts reveal that Ryu Kou and Hou Ju had been alive prior to the Eclipse. Unan then offers the group some of his knowledge about the events. At an unknown point prior to Lord Kuan's death, he had visited his brother in Morgal, and thus had learned about Luna Tower, the Eclipse, and the methods by which to halt the calamity. Unan tells the group of the Umbra Map, an ancient map that marks the locations of the Umbra Gear, which is necessary to stop the Eclipse, but notes that it is not in his possession. Ryu Kou inherited the map from his father, and so the Adepts decide to try to locate him. Before they leave, Unan opens his personal vault up to the group, insisting that they use the treasures inside to help stop the Eclipse.

Unan watches as his sister-in-law Hinechou elatedly reunites with her children.

Matthew and his group successfully retrieve Hou Ju and Ryu Kou, and return them to Sana. After a joyful reunion, Unan asks for a private meeting with Matthew's group. He explains that a man called Arcanus had given him a Red Orb to pass on to the group, as it would assist in their efforts to stop the Eclipse. He is somewhat surprised to discover from the Adepts that Arcanus had a hand in creating the Grave Eclipse. He then explains that the Red Orb, as well as the Blue Orb the party already possesses, is needed to access the Apollo Lens. In conjunction with a third orb, the two orbs help open a gate on the Endless Wall, and later help raise the Apollo Lens out of the ground. Unan is able to give a vague description as to where the third orb is, saying that the Red and Blue Orbs are needed for reveal it. A prophecy from Himi helps to confirm this knowledge, and also give a specific location as to where the Orb may be. Unan wishes the party well as they leave, but remains puzzled over Arcanus's ambitions.


  • In Tonfon:
Unan: "Pardon me, but are you not the master sage, Kraden? I am most pleased you have come. Please enter. Thank you all for coming."
Kraden: "We have heard much of the wisdom of Emperor Unan. It is a great honor to meet you."
Unan: "And I in turn have heard much of the knowledge of the great scholar, Kraden. The honor is entirely mine."
Unan: (Concerning his nephew and niece, Ryu Kou and Hou Ju) "I want nothing more than to see them alive again, but prayer seems my only recourse. In any case, as emperor I cannot be seen to show too much emotion, even over the loss of my own kin. But enough about my woes. May I be introduced to your companions?"
Unan: (Opening his palace's vault to Matthew's group) "This was part of Emperor Ko's so-called "hidden road", by which he brought treasures into the country. I can think of no better use for them than to give to those who would fight to end the eclipse."
Kraden: "You would grant us treasures without even asking us why we want them? Are you not curious?"
Unan: "I have looked at you and heard you speak. If you can bring this eclipse to an end, no treasure is too dear."
Unan: "The spoils of my predecessor's constant warfare are a small price to stop the eclipse. None in Sana know of the treasures here. Please take them from my sight."
  • In Tonfon (second visit)
Unan: (After Ryu Kou and Hou Ju have been returned to him and Hinechou) "It has been a long time since my sister-in-law was so radiantly happy. I owe you much. Words seem inadequate. The fate of Sana-no, the fate of the whole continent, rests with you."
Unan: (Thinking) "With Ryu Kou and Hou Ju safe, Lady Hinechou's heart is again luminous and warm. Her light is infectious-my heart shines with it as well. It is such a relief to have them back..."
Unan: "The Apollo Lens can only be reached via the Endless Wall, but you will not be stopped by such trivialities, correct?" (If Matthew says no) "A wise response. It is precisely when one is overconfident that Fate steps in to compel modesty. You will do well."
Unan: (Thinking) "This "Arcanus" had a hand in starting the Grave Eclipse but also brought me the Red Orb... What strange ambitions drive such a man?"


  • If the player chooses to rescue Hou Ju and Ryu Kou before visiting Unan, he will make an error in his quote after opening the secret doorway in his study. He will say something along the lines of "I do have one favour to ask of you. If, in your travels, you find my niece and nephew, please return them to my sister-in-law, Hinechou". It is as if the player did things out-of-order.
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