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Hometown Passaj
Relatives Bogho (grandfather)
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Japanese name Bokho

Baghi (ボッコ Bokho) is the grandson of Bogho, the head elder of Passaj. He appears as an NPC in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

According to Baghi's Encyclopedia entry, Baghi was orphaned at a young age. Since that time, he devoted himself to helping his fellow townspeople. Over time, Baghi became close friends with Amiti, the prince of the allied kingdom of Ayuthay. To this extent, Baghi received a Tree Flute, which would allow him to access Ayuthay's underground.

Baghi provides Matthew the Tree Flute so that Matthew can reach Baghi's friend Amiti in Ayuthay.

In Dark Dawn, when Matthew's party initially powers up the Alchemy Forge, Baghi comes to investigate alongside Bogho. The group learns that to control the Forge they need the Sol Mask, which is hidden in the Ouroboros labyrinth. As the labyrinth was created by the ancestors of the people of Ayuthay, Baghi believes that Amiti would know how to retrieve the mask. Thus, Baghi gives the Adepts his Tree Flute and informs them on Ayuthay's current situation. Ayuthay is currently under attack by Kaochan forces. However, Baghi knows that the people can hide themselves in an underground layer of the city. So, Baghi gives the Adepts instructions on how to use the Tree Flute to access a secret entrance that the Kaocho have no knowledge of.

Sometime later, the group of Adepts is able to retrieve the Sol Mask and return to Passaj, with Amiti in tow. Baghi witnesses the city's transformation from a town into a fortress. Matthew's party then tries to leave on Passaj's fabled cloud passageway, with Baghi arriving just in time to see the cloud dissipate. Tyrell, in a fit of frustration, lectures Baghi for the failure, but Baghi is quickly defended by the others. They soon learn, after talking to Bogho, that the Ice Queen Stone is required to fully utilize the passageway. After the Adepts succeed in retrieving it, they return to Passaj and reverse the Alchemy Forge. Baghi meets the Adepts at the cloud platform, where he witnesses the successful activation of the cloud passageway. When a strong wind emerges to blow the Adepts on their way, Baghi intially believes that Karis conjured the wind, but is quickly corrected by Bogho. Baghi bids the Adepts, including his friend Amiti, farewell.

During the Grave Eclipse, Baghi and the other citizens of Passaj are kept safe due to the city's fortress walls powered by the Alchemy Forge. He and Bogho are in the interior chambers of the Alchemy Forge when Matthew's party returns to check on things. Bogho makes references to the Apollo Lens needed to end the Eclipse, but shuffles out without an explanation. Baghi excuses his grandfather, and apologizes for not being able to do more to aid the Adepts in ending the eclipse.


In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
  • In Passaj (second visit):
Baghi: "Didn't you feel the shaking?! Our little town has been reforged into a fortress!"
Bogho: "But it couldn't be just our Alchemy Forge that has done all this."
Baghi: "Our machine alone could not produce such a wonder."
Baghi: "Hmm...Amiti and the Warriors of Vale..."
Karis: "Please, Baghi... Our parents were the Warriors of Vale, not us."
Baghi: (After Matthew's first attempt at using the cloud platform) "I thought I wouldn't get here in time to wave good-bye... But wh-what happened?!"
Tyrell: "You tell us! That wasn't much of a cloud passage, Baghi! What about the legends about getting to Craggy Peak?! We got the forge working! I could jump higher than that cloud carried us! You OWE us, Baghi!"
Baghi: "I...I don't know what's wrong!"
Karis: "Leave him alone, Tyrell! I'm sure that Baghi told us everything he knows!"
Baghi: "Yes, yes! The clouds from our fiery forge must be too hot and misty! They need to be cooled down and made more substantial somehow!"
Bogho: "Indeed, young ones. And our legends may again serve you."
Tyrell: "Hey, it's gramps!" / Baghi: "Please tell us, gramps!"
Bogho: "Baghi! Don't ever call me that!"
Baghi: "Please, leave me be for now. I need some time alone after our talk on the cloud platform."
  • In Passaj (third visit):
Baghi: "So Amiti gets to go with you, but I have to stay behind? Seems unfair, after all my help..."
Baghi: "I can only imagine what adventures lie ahead of you, my friends!"
  • In Passaj (late-game visit):
Baghi: "Is that you, Matthew?! It is! What a relief to see you again!"
Bogho: "Ah, relief indeed, Matthew."
Baghi: "You've come back to Passaj. So, did you succeed in your quest?" (If Matthew says no) "What? So is the end of all this misery in sight yet?"
Bogho: "The world is a big place, Baghi, and Matthew and his friends have a big job ahead of them."
Baghi: (About Bogho) "Hmm. He's always been like that-speaking in riddles, then shuffling off before you can get answers. Don't mind the elder. I'm sure you'll find out what's at the heart of all this. At least I hope so. I can't even imagine how much you have on your hands with the Grave Eclipse. I'm sorry we can't do more to ease your struggle."


  • Interestingly, between grandson and grandfather, the 'o' and 'a' element of the first syllable of their names switches between the original Japanese version and the English translation.
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