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Hometown Passaj
Relatives Baghi (grandson)
Hair color Bald
Eye color Green
Japanese name Bakho

Bogho (バッコ Bakho) is the Head Elder of Passaj. He is a descendant of the Exathi smiths of Passaj. He is Baghi's grandfather.


As a young man, Bogho dreamed of adventure. Over time, however, his friends left Passaj, leaving Bogho to carry the responsibility of leading the town. As the Head Elder of Passaj, he became very protective of his town, in part due to the constant assaults by Kaocho's army. Despite possessing a great deal of knowledge of Alchemy Forge's mechanics, he was unable to restart it himself, which he appears to regret to a degree.

When Matthew's group starts it up with Fire-based Psynergy, he initially believes the group to be from Kaocho. However, Rief had previously met Bogho during his travels with Kraden, and assures Bogho that the Adepts mean no harm. Bogho is amazed that the Forge has been restarted, but notices a curious marking on the wall. Bogho studies the markings, and reveals that in order for the machine to be controlled, the Sol Mask must be inserted into the machine. Unfortunately the Mask is hidden inside the Ouroboros dungeon underneath Kaocho.

After the Adepts offer to retrieve the mask, he offers to give them any information he can. According to Bogho, restarting the Forge can revive their civilization. He recounts the recent events of the the allied nation of Ayuthay, which has another Alchemy Machine called the Alchemy Well. The Alchemy Well suddenly activated twenty years ago, and since then, Ayuthay's king, Paithos has presided over the kingdom's explosive growth. Bogho enlists the assistance of his fellow elders, who are able to give Matthew bits of lore regarding their tasks.

After the Adepts retrieve the Sol Mask, they return to Passaj, and restart the Forge. Bogho, like the other citizens, is amazed when the Forge powers up large walls, transforming the town into a fortress that needs not fear any Kaochan invasions. When the Adepts decide to try the fabled passageway to Craggy Peak, Bogho comes to see them off. When the clouds fail to form properly, Bogho remembers another crucial aspect of the legend. He tells Matthew's group of the Ice Queen Stone, a stone which will allow the Alchemy Forge to be thrown into reverse, allowing for proper cloud formation. He and the Elders give the Adepts the information they require to find the stone. The Adepts are able to successfully retrieve the stone, and Bogho once again chooses to see them off.

Bogho, as well as the other citizens of Passaj are able to survive the Grave Eclipse, thanks to the protective fortress their Alchemy Forge provides them. When Matthew's group returns to the town, Bogho realizes that they are journeying to stop the Eclipse, and demonstrates some knowledge of the Apollo Lens.


  • In Passaj (first visit):
Bogho: "Who has tampered with the Alchemy Forge?! Who are you intruders?! Tell me at once! If you're with those terrible soldiers...don't bother trying to strong-arm me or my people! I may look old, but I'm a descendant of the ancients! Passaj will never cave to you outsiders! We descendants of the Exathi will band together! So I'll speak with the Ayuthay king-but not yours!"
Tyrell: "What are you looking at, gramps?"
Bogho: "GRAMPS?! I'm an elder of Passaj! Call me that...or by my name, Bogho! Anything else is disrespectful!"
Tyrell: "What does it say?"
Bogho: "What? It couldn't be clearer! It says what it says!"
Rief: "You'll have to forgive our ignorance. It simply looks like a curious design to us."
Karis: "It all means something?"
Bogho: "My, my... For Adepts, it seems that you know less than I'd expect."
Karis: "Do you think that the Kaocho soldiers are trying to get their hands on the Alchemy Forge?"
Bogho: (If Matthew responds with anger) "The very notion makes me seethe too!"
  • In Passaj (second visit)
Bogho: "How I yearned for adventure when I was young. When I was your age, all my dear friends left Passaj and scattered to the winds... Before I knew it, only i was left to bear the burden of the head Elder, helping Passaj through its dark days. If only I could have gotten our Alchemy Forge working... Ah, sorry. My mind has wandered. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for helping my people. But I can't leave it at mere gratitude. We must find a suitable reward for those who restored Passaj's fortunes. I open our vault to you. Our new future is worth more than any treasure!"
Amiti: "We mustn't turn down his offer, friends. His pride as Elder would be hurt."
Bogho: "Now, if you'll pardon an old man... I'll leave you to YOUR future."
Baghi: "The clouds from our fiery forge must be too hot and misty! They need to be cooled down and made more substantial somehow!"
Bogho: "Indeed, young ones. And our legends may again serve you."
Tyrell: "Hey, it's gramps!" / Baghi: "Please tell us, gramps!"
Bogho: "Baghi! Don't ever call me that!"
Bogho: "I suspect that the ancient world was far stranger than we can imagine..."
  • In Passaj (third visit):
Bogho: "There is seemingly nothing these brave warriors can't do!"
  • In Passaj (fourth visit):
Baghi: "You've come back to Passaj. So, did you succeed in your quest?" (If Matthew says no) "What? So is the end of all this misery in sight yet?"
Bogho: "The world is a big place, Baghi, and Matthew and his friends have a big job ahead of them. But I'm right, aren't I? You're trying to fight the Grave Eclipse. I had a feeling something horrible was in the wind, just like before the Kaocho army attacked us."
Bogho: "I pray that you can stop the Grave Eclipse. Even knowing of something called an Apollo Lens strikes fear into my heart." (Bogho leaves)
Baghi: "Hmm. He's always been line that-speaking in riddles, then shuffling off before you can get answers."
Bogho: "I have faith in you. After all, you fought your way across the mountains and reached Morgal. It's clear that you are warriors unlike any the world has ever seen, at least for a long time."
Bogho: (Thinking) "Did Matthew really come all the way out here just to see how we're doing? What a kind young man!"


  • Interestingly, between grandfather and grandson, the 'a' and 'o' element of the first syllable of their names switches between the original Japanese version and the English translation.
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