From Golden Sun Universe
Hometown Belinsk
Age unknown
Hair color Blue
Eye color Yellow
Japanese name ワンダ Wanda
Vande with his troupe.

Vande is a former-animal beastman that is the leader of a minstrel troupe of beastmen that play in the Morgal region of Angara. He appears in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, first in Kolima Village, hoping to find musical inspiration by hearing the call of a Mountain Roc. He will return to Belinsk once Matthew's group fights the Mountain Roc, and will be ready to play the difficult but allegedly miracle-causing musical piece Arangoa Prelude on Matthew's request. This causes the statue in the center of Belinsk to open up and allow Matthew's group to enter the Belinsk Ruins, paving away for the most important series of plot events in the game to transpire. When Eclipse Tower rises and the Grave Eclipse transpires, Vande selflessly stays in the town even though the rest of his troupe flees for safety and shadow monsters start roaming the town causing death.

At the end of the game, he and the rest of his troupe are revealed to have survived the chaos said events entailed, and his blue fur has been changed to a bright yellow to reflect that he and the rest of the beastmen of Morgal were imbued by the beam of light fired by the Apollo Lens with the ability to employ Light as a form of Psynergy.


  • In Kolima Village:
Vande: (If the first time he is spoken to is after the Mountain Roc battle) "Why, yes, I am Vande. You were looking for me so you could hear "Arangoa Prelude?" You want me to go back to Belinsk and rejoin my band? What perfect timing! I came to hear the Mountain Roc's cry, and just recently I finally did! I saw it! I saw the Mountain Roc with my own eyes! It was like a flying mountain of stone... Its cry was a new kind of music, and I shall try to bring it to our next performance. Back to Belinsk!"
  • In Belinsk:
Vande: (After Luna Tower rises) "It's thanks to you that I came back to Belinsk and got to witness this miracle."
Vande: (Thinking) "What's that funny feeling in my stomach? Is that excitement? Or...fear?"
Vande: (After the Grave Eclipse happens, he remains in the center plaza) "The other members of the band have all left town. I might be the only musician left in Belinsk."
Vande: (Thinking) "I guess everyone in the band is all right. Now, how can I help the townsfolk?"
  • In Belinsk (epilogue):
Vande: "Some ask how we can play after everything that happened. The answer is simple: people need music to heal."
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