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Equipping a weapon. Orange arrow denotes increase in attack.
This article is about the statistic. For the battle command, see Attack (command).

Attack is the statistic that affects how much damage an Adept does in battle. The Attack stat is primarily used to determine how much damage is dealt by a physical attack (including critical hits and Unleashes), but it also affects the strength of certain Psynergies, such as Ragnarok and Diamond Dust, as well as all offensive Djinn. Obviously, a higher Attack rating means these attacks do more damage. The highest possible attack rating an Adept can have is 999 in the first two games, and 1999 in Dark Dawn.

An Adept's Attack is determined by their level, class, and by which weapons and various other items such as certain armor, crowns, and rings, you currently have equipped. In battle you can temporarily increase your Attack by using Psynergy, but at the same time your Attack can be temporarily dropped by an enemy's Psynergy or Enemy Abilities.

Before any other modifiers such as Elemental Resistance are applied, any attack that derives from the Attack statistic deals damage equal to said Attack statistic minus the target's Defense statistic, then divided by two. In other words, most physical attacks available to you will end up dealing 5 more damage after your Adept has gained 10 Attack points. For example, if an Adept with 232 Attack deals a standard physical attack against an enemy with 119 Defense, around 56 base physical damage will be dealt — but giving that Adept a +25% Attack boost through the Impact Psynergy, which will add 58 Attack, will raise the physical damage dealt to 85. This means that any instance of an attack boost or attack drop during battle (as well as any Defense boost and Defense drop, for that matter) should be interpreted as half the value reported when envisioning how many actual damage points are being added or taken away.

Ways to increase Attack

Permanent increases

You may permanently raise your Attack in one of the following ways:

Temporary increases

Ways to decrease Attack

Permanent decreases

There are no known ways to permanently decrease attack, but such an effect would be undesirable anyway.

Temporary decreases

It should be noted that the Break Psynergy will remove any temporary increases to attack.

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