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Dream Tree

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The Dream Tree (ユメの木, Dream Tree) is a tree located in Kolima Village. It features as a plot-important location in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Until the tree-related plot is completed, the player will be unable to navigate Kolima Forest.


The Dream Tree is one of Kolima's four great trees. It is so named for its ability to produce Dream Leaf, and item that is said to cause the user have good dreams and sleep well. It is also home to Kolima's Inn. In Dark Dawn, the tree features a face inside it's base similar to those seen on the Waelda. While this, together with the tree's unusual properties, has lead some to speculate that the Dream Tree is a Waelda, the game provides no information that confirms or denies this possibility.


When Kolima Village and Kolima Forest were moved east as a result of the Golden Sun event, they landed on top of a marshland. The result was that the area became habitable, but the marsh was destroyed. It is said that the angry spirits of all the creatures that had lived in the marshes created Sludge, who took to haunting Kolima in revenge. Sludge cast a curse on the Dream Tree, which caused it to turn a sickly purple color. In addition, the Dream Leaves produced caused nightmares rather than pleasant dreams. As a result of the curse, the Inn's entrance was choked off by roots.

When Matthew's party arrives in Kolima, they are roped into a quest to cure the Dream Tree by one of its residents. After consuming Dream Leaves, the group falls asleep and find themselves transported from the Dream Tree to the Phantasmal Bog. After exploring the Bog and defeating Sludge, they awaken to find that the curse has apparently ended. However, the tree is still weakened as a result of the curse. Luckily, Matthew is able to heal the tree using the Hermes' Water given to him by Briggs. A Venus Djinn appears out of nowhere and brings the Adepts a message from Laurel, asking them to meet her in Kolima Forest.