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Crush Tusk

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Crush Tusk DD.png Crush Tusk
Trade Info
Item class Psynergy item
Equip/Use Effect
Special Equip Effect Bestows Crush when equipped to a Mars Adept

The Crush Tusk (クラッシュのキバ, Crush Tusk) is an important item found in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. When equipped, it grants the holder the ability to use the Crush Psynergy.

The Crush Tusk is a relic of the demonic monster Sludge, who cursed Kolima Village's Dream Tree and haunted the Phantasmal Bog. In addition to his other abilities, Sludge had the power to Crush cracked rock using Psynergy. After being defeated by Matthew's party, Sludge would leave behind the Crush Tusk, which contained his unique power.

The Crush Tusk, like most utility Psynergy items found in Dark Dawn, is limited in terms of potential users. In this case, the Crush Tusk is limited to Mars Adepts, and thus can only be equipped by Tyrell and Eoleo. The Crush Psynergy is a common Utility Psynergy after being acquired, and thus the Crush Tusk is vital for completion of the game. It can be used to Crush cracked rocks and boulders, and break apart cracked ground, akin to the Burst Psynergy found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. In addition, it can use excessive force to flatten pillars, akin to the Pound Psynergy.

In addition, the Crush Tusk grants its holder the ability to use Crush in battle, regardless of level or class. In battle, Crush is a Mars-based attack with a base power of 70 that can hit one target. Whether used in battle or out of battle, Crush costs 7 PP per cast.