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Tangle Bloom

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The Tangle Bloom in the Abandoned Mine.

The Tangle Bloom (あやかしのはな Suspicious Flower) is the first boss in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is fought in the Abandoned Mine after casting the Fireball Psynergy at the bloom's head while near a Psynergy Vortex and an unconscious Tyrell.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn[edit]

Tangle Bloom is fought at level 4. Tangle Bloom's statistics are as follows:

Name HP PP Attack Defense Agility Luck
Tangle Bloom 300 0 38 10 12 ?
Elemental Resistances Turns Exp Coins Item Dropped Drop Rate
Star mercury.gif 100   Star jupiter.gif 72   Star venus.gif 48   Star mars.gif 7 1 143 77 Psy Crystal DD.png Psy Crystal 1/1

Tangle Bloom uses these battle commands:

Command Chance
to use
Elem. Stats
used with *
Attack 2/8
-- Standard physical attack.
Defend 1/8
-- Standard Defend command which halves all damage the user takes during this turn.
Bramble Seed 1/8
Star venus.gif 105 Power Enemy ability that causes a mass of dried out vines to sprout out of the ground and though the party. Deals a Venus-based attack with 22 base damage that is spread out across 3 enemies with low damage distribution.
Phantom Spore 1/8
Star jupiter.gif Level ?? Enemy ability where the user exhales a cloud of white smoke. Up to three Adepts have a chance to be afflicted with Delusion.
Sleep Spore 1/8
Star jupiter.gif Level ?? Enemy ability that causes a white haze to appear briefly. Up to three Adepts have a chance to be afflicted with Sleep.
Vine Lash 1/8
-- Enemy ability that deals a non-elemental attack with 7 base damage that is spread out across 5 enemies with high damage distribution.
Examine Situation 1/8
-- Does nothing.


The Tangle Bloom is extremely weak in general, and can be defeated easily with the help of the computer-controlled Isaac and Garet. Additionally, Matthew and Karis will each have access to three of Isaac and Garet's Djinn. When three Djinn of either the Venus or Mars element have been unleashed, Isaac will instruct the player to summon either Cybele or Tiamat, depending to the element of the Djinn. In some cases, Isaac or Garet may unleash their own Djinn, giving the player access to Meteor and Judgment. The Tangle Bloom is weak enough that either element will suffice.

It should be noted that the battle is scripted to forbid Isaac or Garet from landing the finishing blow, despite their Djinn unleashes doing upwards of 300 damage per attack. Only a direct attack from Matthew or Karis can successfully fell the Tangle Bloom.


After Tyrell takes the Soarwing, he is ordered to land it at the Abandoned Mine. Isaac and Garet, accompanied by Matthew and Karis, travel to the mine, via the Tanglewood, in order to rescue him. When the group reaches the Abandoned Mine, they notice the lack of Psynergy Stones in the mine.

Upon reaching the final chamber, the group notices a large Psynergy Vortex, which swallows the Fireball Garet had fired in an attempt to light the area. Nearby, Tyrell has passed out due to the Psynergy Vortex absorbing his Psynergy. The closest pathway is blocked by roots, forcing the group to take the longer path around to rescue Tyrell. As Matthew and the group approach Tyrell, Matthew fires a Fireball at a large blossom. The Blossom suddenly awakens as the Tangle Bloom, which attacks the group.

After successfully defeating the Tangle Bloom, the roots that had appears within the Mine disappear, which clears the path to Tyrell. In addition, the Psynergy Vortex abruptly shrinks. Tyrell is rescued mostly unharmed, following an infusion of Psynergy from Isaac and Garet.

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