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Chaos Chimera

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This article is about the final boss of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. For the common enemies also known as "Chimeras", see Chimera enemy line.
Official art of the Chaos Chimera.

The Chaos Chimera is the final boss of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and is fought below the control station of the Apollo Lens, within Apollo Sanctum. It is, as of Dark Dawn, the final boss of the Golden Sun series.

Kyle.gif Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.


When Matthew's party begins the necessary preparations for firing the Apollo Lens, they are confronted by Blados and Chalis. However, after a series of revelations, Arcanus fights the two as a distraction to allow Matthew's party to activate the Apollo Lens. The Adepts take this opportunity to travel to the central control station. Before they can climb the ladder to fire the Lens, their way to the control station is blocked by a monstrous being known as the Chaos Hound. The Hound nearly attacks the party, but it restrains itself when seeing Sveta by their side. The Chaos Hound appears to fight whatever is influencing it, until Chalis and Blados (who were supposed to be distracted by Arcanus) re-appear and corrupt the hound, forcing it to fight the party alongside the two Dark Adepts.

Their assault fails, with either both Adepts or the Chaos Hound defeated. In either case, Blados and Chalis are not ready to give in, and choose to make one last effort. In an attempt to finally defeat the heroes no matter what the cost, they put all their strength into a power known as Dark Binding. This power causes evil spirits to bolster the Chaos Hound, which goes berserk as a result. However, the Tuaparang Duo find that they are being pulled in themselves, though they accept this as a way to defeat Matthew's party. Together, the three fuse into a horrible monstrosity of darkness. Matthew's party is faced with an epic battle, where their abilities are tested to their fullest extent. In the end, Matthew's party emerges victorious, and the Chaos Chimera splits back into its three components.

As a Boss[edit]

Name HP PP Attack Defense Agility Luck
Chaos Chimera 9640 0 536 247 315 ?
Elemental Resistances Turns Exp Coins Item Dropped Drop Rate
Star venus.gif 190   Star mars.gif 175   Star mercury.gif 130   Star jupiter.gif 98 3 0 0 None N/A

The Chaos Chimera acts three times per round and regenerates 30 HP per turn, increasing to 100 HP per turn once it is below half of its maximum HP. Its arsenal is a complete monster skill set, featuring several devastating abilities from which it can choose freely during its turns. The number of available skills increases with the progress of the battle:

Command Chance
to use
Elem. Stats
used with *
Attack ??
-- Standard physical attack
Chaos Upheaval ??
Star venus.gif 110 Power A Summon sequence-style Enemy ability that deals a Venus-aligned attack with a power rating of 120 + 50% of the target's HP and a rage of 3.
Darksol Gasp ??
Star venus.gif 110 Power
Star venus.gif Level ??
Enemy ability that deals a Venus-aligned attack with a power rating of 230 and a range of 3. May also inflict the Haunt status.
Djinn Blast ??
-- Enemy ability that forces all the Djinn of one target into Recovery mode.
Retribution ??
Star jupiter.gif 95 Power
Star jupiter.gif Level ??
Enemy ability that deals a Jupiter-aligned attack with a power rating of 70 and a range of 5. May instantly fell the target.
Shadow Clash ??
Star jupiter.gif 95 Power A Summon sequence-style Enemy ability that deals a Jupiter-aligned attack with a power rating of 70 + 40% of the target's HP and a range of 11.
Shadow Shield ??
-- Enemy ability reduces all incoming damage by 50% for one turn. Affects all party members.
Vicious Embrace ??
-- Enemy ability that deals damage equal to a normal physical attack multiplied by 1.6
Wicked Howl ??
Star jupiter.gif 95 Power
Star jupiter.gif Level ??
Enemy ability that deals a Jupiter-aligned attack with a power rating of 60 and a range of 1. May temporarily immobilize the target.

In addition to its regular battle commands, the Chaos Chimera can also use the following consumable items:

Firecracker DD.png Firecracker: An item that deals a Mars-aligned attack with 140 base damage that is spread out across 5 enemies with high damage distribution. As a consumable item, this assumes the Chaos Chimera uses this with a Mars Elemental Power rating of 100 instead of its normal rating, 105.
Psy Grenade DD.png Psy Grenade: An item that damages PP with a power rating of 30 and a range of three targets.
Vial DD.png Vial: An item that restores 500 HP to the user.
Dora.gif Spoilers end here. Those who did not want the plot ruined for them may now continue reading as normal.


The final boss battle can be fairly tricky if the player does not plan ahead. The Chaos Chimera has a wide range of powerful abilities that possess various destructive effects. Before the Chaos Chimera can be fought, the player must first complete the boss battle against Blados, Chalis, and the Chaos Hound. Thankfully, the player is given an opportunity to prepare before battling the Chaos Chimera, by healing and/or rearranging their party, or by preparing Djinn for summons.

As for the battle itself, the party should be leveled up to at least Level 46, as this is the level where Adepts in healing classes like the Wizard or Pure Mage gain access to the healing move Pure Wish, which greatly increases survivability. Having at least one Adept dedicated to healing is especially necessary in the final portion of the battle, when the Chimera is likely to use Chaos Upheaval and Shadow Clash regularly. Shielding Djinn like Chasm are a great way to reduce damage. The player should also have access to Revive or have Water of Life ready to use on multiple Adepts, should one or more be downed.

The Chaos Chimera is weak against Jupiter. Thus, the summons Thor and Eclipse are potent attacks. Additionally, Sveta's Beastform is another choice, due to the form's high offensive and defensive capabilities. If Matthew is place in an equipment setup to guarantee Unleashes from the Sol Blade, then the player can unleash high powered attacks without worrying about PP or Djinn, though the nature of the Unleash system means that this method cannot guarantee a high-power hit, unlike other tactics. In order to take full advantage of these tactics, the player should have at least one or two Adepts capable of increasing Attack, via Impact, Djinn, or comparable tactics. Luckily, the Chaos Chimera lacks Break, and thus the attack increase can only wear off when the Adept is downed or when a certain amount of time has passed without a boost.

The player should watch out for the Chaos Chimera's Djinn Blast ability, as this will significantly weaken one Adept by placing their Djinn on standby. In this situation, it is recommended that the player switch the weakened Adept with a reserve party member. Retribution is another dangerous tactic, as it can instantly fell an unlucky Adept.

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