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Ku-Embra (コウエン Kouen) is an NPC and boss encountered in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Ku-Embra is one of Kaocho's two generals, the other being his brother Ku-Tsung. He is considered to be a powerful warrior in personal combat, but is noted for a distinct lack of leadership and command skill. His lack of skill can be reflected by his actions while leading an assault on Ayuthay; his troops do not notice when he goes missing and remain listless. Compared to Ku-Tsung, he is the more temperamental of the two generals. Based on dialogue, he appears to disdain Adepts to a degree.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn[edit]

Ku-Embra is a level 14 enemy. He will fight alongside Ku-Tsung, and both must be defeated for the battle to end successfully. Ku-Embra's statistics are as follows:

Name HP PP Attack Defense Agility Luck
Ku-Embra 898 0 207 50 70 ?
Elemental Resistances Turns Exp Coins Item Dropped Drop Rate
Star venus.gif 90   Star mercury.gif 90   Star mars.gif 90   Star jupiter.gif 90 1 793 90 Plump Dumpling DD.png Plump Dumpling

Ku-Tsung uses the following battle commands:

Command Chance
to use
Elem. Stats
used with *
Attack 2/8
-- Standard physical attack.
Cyclone Slash 2/8
Star jupiter.gif 80 Power Enemy ability that deals a Jupiter-aligned standard physical attack spread out across 3 enemies with low damage distribution. Ku-Embra will be inflicted with Delusion after use.
Inspiring Speech 2/8
-- Enemy ability that increases the Attack of all allied party-members by 12.5%.
Zealous Fury 2/8
Star mars.gif 80 Power Enemy ability that damages a single target with a Mars-aligned standard physical with the end result multiplied by 1.4.

In addition to his regular battle commands, Ku-Tsung can also use the following consumable items:

Fireworks DD.png 5 Fireworks: Places one Djinn belonging to a single enemy into Standby.
Plump Dumpling DD.png 3 Plump Dumplings: An item that restores roughly 120 HP to either the user or an ally.



Between the two generals, Ku-Embra is more dangerous offensively due to high powered offenses and a higher HP stat. Cyclone Slash will hit up to three Adepts, but inflicts Delusion; however, since Delusion only reduces the chance of a basic attack, it is not that much of a hindrance to the player. Zealous Fury has a fairly decent damage multiplier of 1.4, which can devastate Adepts with poor Defense. In addition, his and Ku-Tsung's Attack can be raised thanks to Ku-Embra's Inspiring Speech. When fighting Ku-Embra and Ku-Tsung, it is best to target one or the other. Once one is felled, the battle becomes much easier. Choosing which to target largely depends on which general the player considers to be more dangerous.

Ku-Tsung is weak to all elements, possessing a moderate 80 Resistance in each element. Thus, the player need not consider elemental alignment when attacking. By this point, the player should have access to Judgment and Thor, if they have collect all available Djinn, and may also have access to Boreas if the player's Mercury Djinn are shuffled around. If using summons, Ku-Embra's Fireworks items can be very helpful, by shortening the number of turns needed to prepare Standby Djinn for summoning. Due to Ku-Embra's high offensive power, at least one Adept should be prepared to heal damage.


Kyle.gif Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.

King Wo placed Ku-Tsung and Ku-Embra in charge of the invasion of Ayuthay. After an initial success, the battle comes to a standstill when the people of Ayuthay hide underground. The army then stands around aimlessly, awaiting orders from King Wo. Matthew's party will only be allowed into the kingdom after they present Wo's Letter to them. After learning that King Wo has ordered the generals to allow Matthew's party to assist in the siege, Ku-Embra refuses to believe the group are powerful warriors. Instead the group is ordered to exorcise evil spirits, at which point Matthew's group will sneak into Ayuthay.

The generals later fight the Adepts when they attempt to leave Ayuthay with Amiti. Following their defeat, they will be imprisoned in Ayuthay's jail. If the player speaks to Ku-Embra, he will express disgust at losing a fight to Adepts.

Late in the game, if Ayuthay is visited after the Grave Eclipse, both of the generals' corpses will be seen near the entrance, having been slain by the shadow monsters spawned by the eclipse. Using Spirit Sense on either of the corpses will trigger a conversation between the two generals regarding the location of the Treasure Note.

Dora.gif Spoilers end here. Those who did not want the plot ruined for them may now continue reading as normal.


  • At Ayuthay:
Soldier: "Excuse me...? Generals?"
Ku-Tsung: "We're busy right now!" / Ku-Embra: "We must purge the evil spirits!"
Ku-Embra: "Why are you wasting my time when General Ku-Tsung asked for that letter?" (If Matthew presents Ku-Embra with Wo's Letter) "Can't you follow orders?! General Ku-Tsung said that HE wants to read that!"
Ku-Tsung: "King Wo writes that Matthew here has come with his companions to help us with their Psynergy."
Ku-Embra: "Hah! You puny people? Help us with Psynergy? I'll believe that when I see it! They look like a pack of pups, not powerful Adepts!"
Ku-Tsung: "But the letter IS from King Wo. His Majesty cannot be wrong."
Ku-Embra: "The king is infallible. But these worms? They're not worth my attention. I need veteran warriors."
Ku-Tsung: "They have made a mockery of the Kaocho military, General Ku-Embra!"
Ku-Embra: "How dare you toy with Kaocho's greatest generals? I cannot tolerate this insolence!"
Ku-Tsung: "Nor I." / Ku-Embra: "Now take your punishment, you mongrels!"
Ku-Embra: (After being defeated) "These young pups beat us..."
Ku-Embra: (If spoken to in Ayuthay's prison) "You dogs! You worms! I can't accept that I lost to Adepts! I'll take this shame to my grave..."


  • Ku-Embra appears to be based off of Xiahou Yuan (read in Japanese is Kakōen), a historical Chinese military figure. Likewise, Ku-Tsung appears to have been based off of Yuan's brother Xiahou Dun.
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