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The island nation of Nihan, as seen in Dark Dawn

Nihan is an island nation found in Weyard's Eastern Sea. Nihan's Encyclopedia entry reads as follows:

"This eastern island was once home to the village of Izumo before it was flooded. The surviving villagers founded Yamata City. The dominant feature of the island was Mount Mikage (also called Gaia Rock), which was home to the Great Serpent."

Location and Geography

Nihan is located to the east of Angara, particularly the Morgal and Ei-Jei regions. Nihan's only coastline is on the western side of the island. A mountain range runs down the middle of the island, separating Izumo and Gaia Rock in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Gaia Rock, a source of Venus Psynergy, is located on the eastern portion of the island, and is revered by the locals, who refer to it as Mount Mikage.

The town of Izumo was located on the western portion of Nihan.


In The Lost Age

Nihan first appears in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, although it is not named as such. It is the site of the village of Izumo and the dungeon Gaia Rock, and is led by Uzume. The island is explored during Felix's travels during the eastern sea. The island was home to a large Serpent, which normally resided deep in Gaia Rock. Occasionally, it would travel to Izumo and wreak havoc, which caused the citizens to institute a lottery among Izumo's maidens to find a sacrifice. Felix, with the help of Susa, Uzume's brother, would defeat the serpent, restoring peace to the island. At the same time, Felix would learn the Sand Psynergy, which was necessary for his quest.

In Dark Dawn

Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.

After the Golden Sun event, Nihan was buffeted by an enormous tsunami, which destroyed Izumo. The citizens, led by Uzume, relocated to Yamata City, making it the isle's new largest settlement. Nearby islands have also risen up from the seafloor, making the island part of a somewhat large chain. Gaia Rock is no longer a visitable location, but it is mentioned by some of Yamata's citizens, and the area immediately south of it is home to a randomly encountered Mars Djinni, Sizzle. Periodically, a large whirlwind blows around the seas surrounding the island. Should a ship become caught in this whirlwind, it would be transported far from Nihan, to Otka Island.

Yamata, and thus Nihan, as a whole, is ruled by Susa and his wife Kushinada, who became king and queen following Uzume's sudden death. The island as a whole is unaffected by the Grave Eclipse, leading it to become one of the area's visited by Matthew's party during their quest to reverse the Eclipse.

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The Lost Age

Bestiary of Nihan
Monster Name LVL HP ATK DEF AGI EXP Coins Weakness Drop Drop Rate
Alec Goblin 22 147 190 48 91 126 146 Star jupiter.gif Smoke Bomb.gif Smoke Bomb 1/32
Death Cap 22 117 159 19 90 48 56 Star mars.gif Sleep Bomb.gif Sleep Bomb 1/32
Dire Wolf 22 155 186 44 101 118 114 Star mars.gif Weasels Claw.gif Weasel's Claw 1/32
Ghost Mage 22 161 168 43 86 80 110 Star jupiter.gif Bramble Seed.gif Bramble Seed 1/16
Mad Vermin 22 131 164 22 67 55 80 Star mars.gif Herb.gif Herb 1/32
Numb Ant 22 101 172 57 91 111 111 Star mars.gif Bramble Seed.gif Bramble Seed 1/32
Ravager 22 189 185 47 60 90 95 Star mars.gif Elixir.gif Elixir 1/32
Undead 22 165 180 27 58 74 90 Star mars.gif Antidote.gif Antidote 1/16

Dark Dawn

Bestiary of Nihan
Monster Name LVL HP ATK DEF AGI EXP Coins Weakness Drop Drop Rate
Bulky Bugman 31 180 285 153 128 641 122 Star mars.gif Bramble Seed DD.png Bramble Seed 1/16
Vile Dirge 32 267 296 126 235 355 124 Star jupiter.gif Sacred Feather DD.png Sacred Feather 1/8
Mars Djinn (Sizzle) (unique) 32 756 306 134 204 3552 387 Star mercury.gif N/A N/A


  • Nihan is based on real-world Japan, with the name originating from "Nihon", a casual name used by native Japanese speakers for the country. The shape of the island nation also mimics that of Japan.