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Grip Crystal

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Grip Crystal DD.png Grip Crystal
Trade Info
Item class Psynergy item
Equip/Use Effect
Special Equip Effect Bestows Grip when equipped to a Venus Adept

The Grip Crystal is a Utility Psynergy item featured in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It bestows the Grip Psynergy, which extends an unseen tether between the party and a narrow object that can be hypothetically gripped by a giant hand and forcibly shortens the tether. This can either retrieve distant objects like the old Catch Psynergy, pull certain levers from afar, or make the party pull itself toward the targeted spire. It can only be equipped and used by Venus Adepts.

The Grip Crystal is found in the top room of Konpa Ruins, and the room reshapes itself to prevent intruders from leaving unless they can demonstrate the ability to use it to that end. The test is easily passed by using Grip to retrieve the Stone Key that otherwise lies out of reach in the same room. Grip is regularly used throughout the game, and it can even be used on spires and pillars jutting out from walls horizontally so that the party can use them to swing across chasms.