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The Wild Animal class series is a class series available to Sveta, but only after using the Beastform Psynergy. It is therefore considered to be Psynergy-dependent and is currently unique in this regard. Its higher levels are designed to work in parallel with Sveta's other exclusive classes, the Beastling class series and the Scrapper class series. Because of this, unlike with the Item-Dependent classes, the Wild Animal class series can function within "classic" Djinn setups.

From an endgame perspective, the highest class, Savage Fiend, is the absolute best class in terms of HP, Attack, and Defense, but has mediocre Agility, average Luck, and the lowest PP of any final class. Notable Psynergy includes Psynergy Surge, Psynergy Slam, Cure Poison, and Vital Boon.

As of Dark Dawn, an Adept who has assumed this class series is especially likely to be affected by Sleep-inducing effects.


Maul being used in Dark Dawn

The Wild Animal class series is unique in that it is invoked via Sveta's Beastform Psynergy, and is the only class series that changes the character's appearance and available commands.

Here is how the class works:

  • When Sveta enters Beastform, a hidden counter is set to zero. At the end of each turn, this counter is increased by one.
    • This counter is not incremented on the turn Sveta enters or exits Beastform, nor is it affected by Kite.
    • Sveta reverts to human form when she falls, the battle ends, or the hidden counter would become larger than the number of Djinn she has set.
      • No matter how Sveta leaves Beastform, a number of Djinn equal to the hidden counter are placed into recovery and her class becomes whatever it would normally be.
      • It should be noted that the Enemy Abilities Djinn Blast and Djinn Storm will force Sveta out of Beastform at the end of the turn.
  • The Djinn command is disabled while in Beastform, meaning that Sveta can't unleash Djinn or set Djinn that are in standby.
  • Sveta's ability to recover one Djinni per turn is disabled for the duration of Beastform.

Unique Commands

  • Maul - Replaces the Attack command. A basic physical attack against a single target. Cannot trigger weapon unleashes.
  • Rampage - A physical attack that damages all enemies. Like all multitarget damage, the farther an enemy is from the targeted enemy, the less damage it takes.
  • Pack Defense - Replaces the Defend command. Makes all party members (including the user) Defend while still allowing other party members to take their turns as normal.

Statistical Influence

Wild Animal class series
Class Name Djinn HP PP ATK DEF AGI LCK
Wild Animal none 180% 80% 280% 200% 130% 110%
Brutal Beast 6-7 Star jupiter.gif / 6 Star venus.gif, 1 Star jupiter.gif 210% 90% 320% 220% 140% 110%
Savage Fiend 8-9 Star jupiter.gif / 7 Star venus.gif, 2 Star jupiter.gif 230% 100% 360% 240% 150% 110%

Notes on Class Names

  • Hover your cursor over class names for alt-text of series' Japanese names.
  • Tashigar means Auspicious Place in Tibetan, and is connected with the Dzogchen path of enlightenment in Tibetan Buddhism. As a martial artist and beast warrior, Tashigar Beast is an interesting and enlightening name choice for what is known in English language versions as the Brutal Beast.


Lvl Psynergy PP Range Power
1 Star jupiter.gif Speed Punch 6 Range 1.gif ATK +33
1 Star jupiter.gif Boon 4 Range 1.gif
5 Star mercury.gif Cure Poison 2 Range 1.gif
10 Star jupiter.gif Nature's Boon 8 Range 1.gif
13 Star mercury.gif Restore 3 Range 1.gif
23 Star venus.gif Psynergy Slam 12 Range 1.gif ATK *1.6
26 Star jupiter.gif Vital Boon 11 Range 1.gif
36 Star venus.gif Psynergy Surge 20 Range 1.gif ATK +108


Rampage being used in Dark Dawn

With the highest Attack, Defense, and HP ratings available, this class is one of the best offensive classes in Dark Dawn, if not the series. The Psynergy pool consists entirely of elemental physical Psynergies that draw from the tremendous Attack. When the PP pool begins to run low, Maul allows Sveta to remain on offense while Rampage can help compensate for the lack of multi-target Psynergy. Pack Defense, meanwhile, allows Sveta to behave similarly to Bark to protect the party from damage, which may lead some players to use Beastform essentially as a way to make all of Sveta's Djinn become shield-type Djinn like Bark or Granite.

While this class does possess some healing capabilities, its low PP makes using them inefficient, while the lack of multi-target healing further prevents it from being a late-game healer. In most cases, however, Sveta would be better off using the class's powerful offensive and defensive abilities against the enemy rather than waste a turn healing.

The need to spend a turn activating Beastform makes this class better suited for longer battles, such as bosses. Bosses also allow its single target abilities to really shine. For most random battles, the caster-style Beastling class series and the fighter-style Scrapper class series will generally see more use than the Beastform class they become. It should be noted that regardless of what class or what Djinn configuration Sveta is using, she can always shift into beast form, however, only if she is in one of the aforementioned classes will she advance along the tiers. In both cases, each class's Djinn requirements for two final stages correspond with the those of the latter two stages of the Wild Animal class. Regardless, Sveta is still capable of putting out some good numbers in battle, even if she is just in the first tier Wild Animal class.

One major limitation of this class is its heavy reliance on Djinn. This is because the class is fueled by the number of Set Djinn in Sveta's possession. The Djinn remain unavailable until Sveta exits the class, at which time the Djinn enter Recovery. The class's amazing offensive abilities usually ensure that powerful bosses are defeated prior to the turn limit ending, luckily. If not, however, Sveta will be severely weakened afterward, and would likely need to switch out to avoid being downed. In addition, the Djinn's unavailability can put a dampener on summon-rushing, if the player plans poorly. One other aspect of the class's Djinn ties is that the class is particularly susceptible to enemy skills that affect the player's Djinn. A move like Djinn Blast or Djinn Storm forces Sveta out of the class immediately, while the Consume Djinn ability of the Ghoul Ball can shorten Sveta's turn limit. Keep in mind, though, that if you finish the battle during the turn after Sveta transforms, no Djinn will be put into recovery.

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