Umbra Goggles

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Umbra Goggles DD.png Umbra Goggles
In-Game Description
"Face: Goggles (Proof against light)" (DD)
Trade Info
Item class Miscellaneous
Artifact? N/A
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 5
Resistance Boosts Star mercury.gif 20
Star mars.gif 20
• Chest in Snowdrift Shrine (DD)

The Umbra Goggles (やみのゴーグル, Yami no gōguru?, lit. Dark Goggles) are a miscellaneous piece of uncategorized equipment that was introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is also one piece of the Umbra Gear needed to enter Apollo Sanctum.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

The Umbra Goggles increase the wearer's base Defense by 5 points, and also increases the wearer's Mercury and Mars Resistances by 20 points each. As the Umbra Goggles are required for completion of the game, they cannot be bought or sold. The Umbra Goggles are found in Snowdrift Shrine, and can only be equipped by Sveta.

The Umbra Goggles are a unique piece of equipment, in that they cannot be placed in any of the main Armor categories. The Defensive boost, while useful, is fairly minor. However, the Umbra Goggles also grant useful increases to Mars and Mercury Resistance, which stacks when the Umbra Goggles are used in tandem with the rest of the Umbra Gear to grant Sveta a great deal of endurance.


  • Although it can't be bought or sold without the use of a hacking device, the Umbra Goggles have been programmed with a purchase price of 3300 coins.