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Umbra Cloak

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GSDD-UmbraCloak.png Umbra Cloak
Trade Info
Item class Clothing
Artifact? N/A
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 45
Elemental Resistance Boosts Star venus.gif 20
Star mars.gif 20

The Umbra Cloak is clothing that was introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. The Umbra Cloak is one part of a set of equipment collectively known as the Umbra Gear, all of which are needed to enter Apollo Sanctum.

Basic Description[edit]

The Umbra Cloak increases its wearer's defense by 45 and their Venus and Mars Resistance by 20. As the Umbra Cloak is required to complete the game, it cannot be bought or sold.

The Umbra Cloak is located within Gaia Falls Islet, east of Harun Village. The Grip Psynergy is needed to navigate the islet's cave, although this isn't quite as obvious as other portions of the game that need Grip. The Umbra Cloak can only be equipped by the Jupiter Adept Sveta.


The Umbra Cloak, like all Umbra Gear, is required to complete the game. Thus, it is necessary to equip the Umbra Cloak onto Sveta while exploring Apollo Sanctum. Defensively, the Umbra Cloak is the third strongest Clothing-class armor, behind the Triton's Ward and the Mythril Clothes. Additionally, the Umbra Cloak provides useful elemental resistances, which combine with the other pieces of the Umbra Gear to provide Sveta with a great deal of durability.


  • Although it can't be bought or sold without the use of a hacking device, the Umbra Cloak has been programmed with a purchase price of 13000 coins.
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