Warrior's Helm

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In-Game Description
"Helm: Boosts Earth power, Critical Hits" (GS)
"Helm: Boosts Earth pwr & Criticals" (TLA)
"Head: Helm (Boosts Earth Power & criticals)" (DD)
Trade Info
Item class Helm
Buy value 10000
Sell value 7500
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 35
Elemental Power Boosts Star venus.gif 10
Special Equip Effect Unleash rate +10%
• Chest at Lalivero (GS)
• Chest at Teppe Ruins (DD)

The Warrior's Helm (むしゃかぶと, Musha kabuto?, lit. Warrior Helm) is a Helm-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Visually, the Warrior's helm resembles a red helm with horns that almost resemble eyes.

In Golden Sun

The Warrior's Helm is found in a treasure chest in Lalivero in Golden Sun, accessible by climbing to the roof of Faran's house and jumping onto the yellow wall that serves as the town’s perimeter. The Warrior's Helm, as a Helm-class item, is wearable by Isaac, Garet and, if transferred to Golden Sun: The Lost Age, by Felix, and Piers.

The Warrior's Helm is one of the first game's best pieces of headgear, and the best helm for Isaac to wear. It increments Isaac's high Venus power even higher and increases his critical hit rate; combining this with the Gaia Blade will make Isaac a very powerful warrior at the end of Golden Sun. It also allows it's wearer to reach the highest unleash rate possible: 63% when combined with the Hyper Boots and the Spiked Armor. When transferred to Golden Sun: The Lost Age, it will serve as a nice placeholder until the party can forge the superior Mythril Helm.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

In Dark Dawn, it is found in a chest in the Teppe Ruins and can be equipped by Matthew, Tyrell and Eoleo. Although it is not the strongest helm in terms of Defense rating, it is still an excellent choice for Matthew even by the end of the game. The increased Venus power helps increase the damage he can do with the Gaia Blade and the Sol Blade's Megiddo. The Warrior's Helm is also useful in that it is the only Helm-class item in Dark Dawn that also raises the critical hit rate. Thus, it is a necessary part of an equipment setup designed to raise the Unleash rate of the Sol Blade, which only Matthew can use. Combining the Helm with the Valkyrie Mail, Ninja Sandals, Aegis Shield, and Lord Sun's Ring allow for 102% Unleash rate.

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