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Silver Helm

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Silver Helm.gif Silver Helm Silver Helm DD.gif
Trade Info
Item class Helm
Buy value 3900
Sell value 2925
Artifact? No
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 30

A Silver Helm (シルバーヘルム, Silver Helm?) is a Helm-class headwear available throughout the Golden Sun series.

Basic Description by Game[edit]

The Silver Helm increases the equipped Adept's base Defense rating by 30 points. As a common item, it can be bought repeatedly from vendors for 3900 coins each and sold for 2925 coins each.

It is sold in armor vendors at Lunpa in Golden Sun, at Champa in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and at Saha Town in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. This helm can be equipped on all warrior-style Adepts in the series, namely Isaac and Garet in the first game, together with Felix and Piers in the second, followed by Matthew, Tyrell, and Eoleo in the third.


In Golden Sun when it can first be bought in Lunpa after completing the optional Lunpa Fortress event, it is only an incremental upgrade to any Steel Helms your Adepts might be wearing, and as such, they might not be things you would want to spend large quantities of your money on. You definitely would not want to replace any Adept's Helms your Adepts might be wearing with a Silver Helm, because it having a practically negligible extra defense point is outweighed by the benefit of increasing your maximum PP meter by 20%, which is what the Adept's Helm provides.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Silver Helms can first be bought in Champa, meaning they are available to buy as soon as you get the Lemurian Ship to sail the Great Eastern Sea with. While it wouldn't replace the superior Thorn Crown one of your Adepts might be wearing, it would be a very good upgrade for an Adept equipped with an Iron Helm or below, but be sure to get the strong helm Artifact Viking Helm hidden in a chest in Champa that can be found for free before making any purchasing decisions. In this situation, you would only buy a Silver Helm afterwards if you're giving the Thorn Crown to one of your two mage-style Adepts, Jenna perhaps, so that your two warrior-style Adepts can be equipped with the Viking Helm and Silver Helm respectively.

In Dark Dawn, Silver Helms will be outclassed by the Viking Helm and the Warrior's Helm available in Harapa Ruins and Teppe Ruins respectively. Since the party will only have two Adepts able to equip a Helm, the Silver Helm is unnecessary. By the time Eoleo joins the party, the player will have access to much stronger Helms.

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