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Millenium Helm

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Millenium Helm.gif Millenium Helm
Trade Info
Item class Helm
Buy value 11400
Sell value 8550
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 45
Hit Point Boost 20

A Millenium Helm (ミレニアムヘルム, Millenium Helm?) is a Helm-class piece of head-armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Basic Description[edit]

A Millenium Helm increases the equipped Adept's base Defense by 45 and base HP by 20. It can be bought for 11400 coins and sold for 8550 coins.

It can only be obtained by bringing an Orihalcon forgeable material to Sunshine the Blacksmith in Yallam, where he will randomly forge it into this or one of several other equipment Artifacts. The player must then purchase the Millenium Helm from him. It can be equipped on all warrior Adepts: Felix, Piers, Isaac, and Garet.


While Millenium Helms are generally strong defensive items by any standard, among helms its defensive nature is challenged by the Gloria Helm, which has even stronger Defense and adds 10 to HP regeneration rather than 20 to total Hit Points. Some consider the Gloria Helm the best in the long run, but since that is a rare drop that might be considered even harder to obtain, many players have this helm equipped by the end of the game.

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