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Stellar Axe

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Stellar Axe.gif Stellar Axe
Visual effect for Supernova
Trade Info
Weapon class Axe
Buy value 19700
Sell value 14775
Artifact? Yes
Statistic Boosts
Attack Boost 171
Unleash effect
Effect name Supernova
Extra damage Star jupiter.gif 63
Side effect May stun the target

A Stellar Axe (ステラアックス, Stellar Axe?) is an Axe found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. They are obtained by giving Orihalcon to Sunshine, which he will forge into one of six items determined at random. There is a 25% chance Sunshine will create a Stellar Axe from the Orihalcon. Being an Axe, one can be equipped by Isaac, Felix, Garet, or Piers. They can be bought for 19700 coins and sold for 14775 coins. It increases the wielder’s attack by 171, making it the strongest Axe in the game.

The Stellar Axe’s Unleash effect is Supernova (スーパーノヴァ, Supernova?). It converts all damage to Jupiter damage and attacks with an additional 63 attack points. Also, it has a chance of stunning the target. Visually, it resembles a strike that generates a spectacular circular green shockwave.

Although the Stellar Axe is the most powerful Axe in the game, and is a direct upgrade to the Viking Axe, it is still outperformed by weapons of other classes, such as the Tisiphone Edge and Excalibur. This is partly due to attack power, but mostly due to their Unleashes; both of these swords may multiply the wielder’s attack power during their Unleash (particularly Excalibur, whose Unleashed power is also Jupiter-based). Although Excalibur can also be obtained by giving Sunshine a piece of Orihalcon, it is far less likely to be created, and so the Stellar Axe can be used as a placeholder until an Excalibur is received.

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