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Viking Axe

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Viking Axe.gif Viking Axe
Visual effect of Stun Bolt
Trade Info
Weapon class Axe
Buy value 11000
Sell value 8550
Artifact? Yes
Statistic Boosts
Attack Boost 137
Unleash effect
Effect name Stun Bolt
Extra damage Star jupiter.gif 47
Side effect May stun the target

The Viking Axe (バイキングアックス, Viking Axe?) is an Axe-class weapon found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Basic Characteristics[edit]

When equipped, a Viking Axe increases the wielder's Attack by 137 points. It can be bought for 11000 coins and sold for 8550 coins.

In The Lost Age, the Viking Axe is found as a Rusty Axe in a chest in Treasure Isle, in an area near the start that becomes accessible as soon as Felix gains the Grind Psynergy. The Rusty Axe must be taken to Sunshine in Yallam, who will reforge the Axe into the Viking Axe and sell it to the player. Being an axe, it can be equipped by Isaac, Felix, Garet, and Piers. Its Unleash effect is Stun Bolt (スタンライトニング, Stun Lightning?), unleashing at the standard rate of 35% of the time, which adds 47 points of damage and then increases or decreases the attack's resulting overall damage based on how the user's Jupiter power measures against the target's Jupiter resistance. It also has a chance to Stun the target. The Unleash visually resembles the Adept attacking the target and a rather impressive array of purple electricity being generated across and out of the screen on impact.


The Viking Axe is best used soon as it can obtained, which is after gaining Grind from Lemuria. It's side effect is fairly useful, granting a chance to inflict Stun. It also suffices as a good placeholder weapon to place onto Isaac's team once they join the party later in the game. However, the fact it provides 8 fewer attack points than a weapon you can somewhat easily get multiples of in Lemuria itself, the Hestia Blade, as well as having an Unleash of an element that cannot be appropriately taken advantage of unless the warrior Adept has Jupiter Djinn set onto him, limits its long-term usability. To put it in perspective, the Stellar Axe is identical to this in Unleash element and side effect, but has more attack power and Unleash power.

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