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Dracomace.gif Dracomace
Visual effect of Aging Gas
Trade Info
Weapon class Staff
Buy value 10700
Sell value 7875
Artifact? Yes
Statistic Boosts
Attack Boost 128
Unleash effect
Effect name Aging Gas
Extra damage Star jupiter.gif 45
Side effect May restore the user's HP by the amount of damage dealt

The Dracomace (りゅうぐうのツエ, Dragon Palace Staff?) is a Staff-class (not Mace-class as the English name suggests) weapon found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Visually, the Dracomace resembles a rod with a billowing pink cloud around it of some sort.

Basic Description[edit]

The Dracomace increases the wielder's Attack by 128 points. The Dracomace is bought for 10700 coins while it can be sold for 7875 coins.

The Dracomace is acquired by first finding a Rusty Staff in Islet Cave and bringing it to Sunshine the blacksmith in Yallam. Sunshine will reforge the Rusty Staff into the Dracomace, and the player will be able to buy it from him. The Dracomace, as a Staff-class item, can be wielded by Ivan, Mia, Jenna, and Sheba.

This staff has the Unleash effect Aging Gas (エージングガス, Aging Gas?), which activates at a rate of 35% (which is standard) and converts the attack into a Jupiter-elemental attack with 45 extra attack points added, and the effect has a chance adding all of the damage done to the user's own HP. Aging Gas visually resembles the wielder projecting white clouds to enshroud the enemy much like the Fire Breath effect found on monsters.


The Dracomace is much like many other weapons that can be found during the extended expedition across the Great Eastern Sea in that it is very powerful and useful for when it can be first acquired, but it may not remain in the inventory all that long because sometime later there may be another weapon found that outclasses it. Being located in Islet Cave, this staff can only be acquired once you possess the Sand Psynergy found as a reward for completing Gaia Rock. The Dracomace's healing effect is quite effective at keeping its wielder alive through battles without using other recovery measures, so you should equip it on whichever Adept does not have a healing Psynergy (many players have Jenna with her Aura Psynergy series available, so you might equip it on Sheba in that case, but Djinn arrangement would be a heavy influence otherwise).

Cultural References[edit]

The Ryūgū-jō (Or Dragon Palace) is the palace of Ryūjin, the (dragon) god of the sea in Japanese mythology. It is said to be made from red and white coral and the staff appears to be made out of such.

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