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Disk Axe

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Disk Axe.gif Disk Axe
Visual effect of Power Drive
Trade Info
Weapon class Axe
Buy value 4700
Sell value 3525
Artifact? Yes
Statistic Boosts
Attack Boost 76
Unleash effect
Effect name Power Drive
Extra damage Star mars.gif 24

The Disk Axe (ホイールアックス, Wheel Axe?) is an Axe-class Artifact weapon found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Basic Description[edit]

The Disk Axe increases the wielder's attack by 76 points. It can be sold for 3525 coins and subsequently rebought for 4700 coins.

The Disk Axe is found in a chest in the Kibombo Mountains. Being an Axe, it can be equipped by Felix and Piers. Isaac and Garet are also able to wield the Disk Axe after they join the party later in the game. Its Unleashed power is Power Drive (パワードライブ, Power Drive?), which adds another 24 attack points and converts all damage from physical to Mars. It has the standard base unleashing rate of 35%. Power Drive appears as the wielder generating on impact a medium-sized fireball that rolls right through the victim.


The Disk Axe is one of many weapon artifacts in The Lost Age that can be found in chests and dungeons. Like other weapons found in these areas, it is noticeably more powerful than any other weapon you could be holding by the point when you can first come across it. When it is first found, Felix will be the only Adept able to wield it. The Disk Axe will likely replace the Storm Brand he is holding. The Storm Brand has a Mercury-based Unleash which is excellent for when Piers joins the party. The Disk Axe's Mars-based Unleash can be most optimized if Felix is in the Brute class series, and the Unleash makes an excellent attack against the Mars-weak Aqua Hydra boss coming up later. However, once the player begins sailing the Eastern Sea, the Disk Axe will be outclassed by the other weapons found.

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