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Umbra Gauntlet

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GSDD-UmbraGauntlets.png Umbra Gauntlet
Trade Info
Item class Glove
Artifact? N/A
Equip/Use Effect
Defense Boost 45
Elemental Resistance Boosts Star jupiter.gif 20
Star mercury.gif 20

The Umbra Gauntlet (やみのガントレット, Yami no gantoretto?, lit. Dark Gauntlet) is a pair of gloves that were introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is also one piece of the Umbra Gear needed to enter Apollo Sanctum.

Basic Description[edit]

The Umbra Gauntlet increases its wearer's defense by 45 and their Mercury and Jupiter Resistance by 20. As the Umbra Gauntlet is required to complete the game, it cannot be bought or sold. Uniquely for a glove-class item, the Umbra Gauntlet can only be equipped by the Jupiter Adept Sveta.

The Umbra Gauntlet is located within a secret treasure vault behind Emperor Unan's study room. He will open it for you when you visit him in Tonfon, reasoning that handing the Adepts any and all of the treasures in that room is hardly a price to pay if it would help the Adepts save the continent. The gauntlets are described as having been among the various spoils of war Emperor Ko attained during his reign. However, while these are one of the pieces of the Umbra Gear the Adepts are looking for, they do not additionally find the Umbra Map that would allow them to pinpoint the resting places of the other pieces.


Since the Umbra Gauntlet is necessary for entering Apollo Sanctum, the player will be required to equip them to Sveta. In terms of Defensive Boosts, the Umbra Gauntlet is the second-strongest glove available in Dark Dawn, with only the Big Bang Gloves being stronger. In addition, they provide useful resistances which, when combined with the rest of the Umbra Gear, provide Sveta with a great deal of defensive ability.


  • Although it can't be bought or sold without the use of a hacking device, the Umbra Gauntlet have been programmed with a purchase price of 8800 coins.
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