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Riot Gloves

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Riot Gloves.gif Riot Gloves
Trade Info
Item class Glove
Buy value 10400
Sell value 7800
Artifact? Yes
Equip/Use Effect
Attack Boost 15
Defense Boost 45
Special Equip Effect Unleash rate +20%

The Riot Gloves (ライオットグラブ, Riot Glove?) are a Glove-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Basic Description by Game[edit]

The Riot Gloves increase the wearer's Defense by 45 points, the wearer's Attack by 15 points. They also increase the wearer's Critical Hit and Unleash Rates by 20%. Riot Gloves can be sold for 7800 coins and subsequently rebought for 10400 coins.

In The Lost Age, Riot Gloves are acquired as a rare drop from a Minos Knight in Yampi Desert Cave, an optional dungeon that can only be explored late in the game. Their drop rate from this species of monster is extremely rare, but when the monster is felled by use of an attack by a Jupiter Djinni, the monster's awarded EXP and Gold increase, and the drop rate quadruples. As a Glove-class item, Riot Gloves can be equipped by all eight Adepts.


There is no dispute that the Riot Gloves are the best armor-on-the-hands piece of equipment in the Golden Sun series for characters that focus on physical assault; their Attack boost adds flavoring to the item's critical feature, the 20% boost to the Adept's Unleash rate. Combined with other specific equipment, an Adept can become a complete powerhouse warrior. Most weapons have an Unleash rate of 35%, including the almighty Sol Blade. If a Venus Adept using the Sol Blade wears the Riot Gloves to add 20% to the Weapons Unleash Rate, then wears the Valkyrie Mail to add another 20%, then wears a Mythril Helm to add 12% more, and wears Hyper Boots to add 12% more, that warrior will have a 99% chance to unleash the Sol Blade's Megiddo effect whenever he attacks physically. This is strong enough to One-Hit KO most normal enemies, and is excellent against the Doom Dragon final boss.

The only possible items that can take the Riot Gloves' place in certain Adept's inventories, then, are the Cosmos Shield, the best defense-oriented hand-item which increases all elemental resistances by 20, and the Big Bang Gloves, for magician Adepts who cannot equip a shield but can use Mars Psynergy, because those gloves increase Mars power by 40.

RNG Method (The Lost Age)[edit]

Riot Gloves are a rare drop from Minos Knights. Even though felling a Minos Knight with a Jupiter Djinni quadruples the drop rate, getting a pair of Riot Gloves is still chancy. However, by performing certain actions during a battle, the player can manipulate the game's Random Number Generator to ensure that the Riot Gloves are dropped at the end of the battle. One such method is detailed below.

The Adepts in the front row should be: Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Piers. Collecting some djinn beforehand is recommended. Save, then reset the game by turning the game off and on. Then, run around and a Minos Knight and a Sand Scorpion should appear. If there isn't a Minos Knight, run away and save, then reset until you do. When you do encounter a Minos Knight and Sand Scorpion, do the following actions. Fighting in the following order is not necessary.

Turn 1:

Felix: Clay Spire on Minos Knight
Jenna: Aura
Sheba: Storm Ray on other enemy
Piers: Supercool on other enemy

Turn 2:

Felix: Defend
Jenna: Flare Wall or Flare Storm on other enemy
Sheba: use Gale on Minos Knight
Piers: Defend

If all goes correctly, the Riot Gloves should be dropped at the end of the battle.

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