Kraden's Letter

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Kraden's Letter (パヤヤームのてがみ, Payayāmu no tegami?, lit. Payayāmu's Letter) is a Quest item found in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is obtained when Matthew's party first visits Border Town, where they meet two Champan pirates working under Briggs. The letter is initially meant to be given to Kraden himself, but when the two pirates encounter the children of the Warriors of Vale, the group of Adepts Briggs had encountered thirty years before, they deliver it to the Adepts instead. In a way, Matthew's party is part of the letter's content, though the two pirates let Matthew decide for himself whether to help Briggs or not. Afterward, it can be sold for 3 coins and bought back for 5 coins, and selling it is recommended to free inventory space.

The letter, authored by Briggs, asks Kraden for help and advice about saving his son Eoleo. It reads:

"Dear Mr. Kraden,

I bet you're surprised to get this letter. I'm surprised I'm writing it. I don't have a lot of time, so I'll make this short and to the point. I need your help. My son was captured in Morgal. They're planning to execute him by boiling at the next full moon. I heard Jenna's and everybody's kids are running around Ei-Jei. Please get them to help. I wouldn't be asking, but he's my son and I'm desperate.



  • Kraden's Letter refers to the protagonists as "Jenna's and everybody's kids", hinting that Jenna is the mother of one of the Adepts. This is confirmed by Briggs himself shortly afterwards, who recognizes Matthew because he has "his mother's eyes".