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Khiren Mountains

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The Khiren Mountains are the large mountain range located in southeastern portion of Angara.

The Khiren Mountains (キレン高地 Khiren Highlands) are a mountain range located in Angara in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.


The Khiren Mountains are situated mainly in the Southeastern quadrant of Angara. There are few passageways through the mountains, with one way only accessible by Adepts. The range forms the northern border of the Ei-Jei region, the southern boundary of Morgal, the northern and part of the eastern boundaries of Sana, and the western border of the Goma region. It completely surrounds the Khiren Glacier, a snowy area that includes Te Rya Village, and the Teppe Ruins. The Endless Wall runs across the northern portion of the mountains.


The Khiren Mountains form a major obstacle for Matthew's party after the Adepts are trapped in the Ei-Jei region by Blados. They are said to be almost impassable, though there was a rumored passageway via the city of Passaj. This passageway, at this point, forms the only possible way for the Adepts to get the Morgal. Thus, the Adepts undertake a journey to restart Passaj's Alchemy Forge. After doing so, a cloud passageway forms, allowing the Adepts to travel to Craggy Peak, in the center of the range. After exploring the ruins there, the Adepts are able to make it to Te Rya Village, and then to the Teppe Ruins, which allows the Adepts to finally cross the Mountain range.

Later on, the players cross the mountains again via the Endless Wall, in order to get to the Apollo Lens.


  • Khiren Mountains references a Chinese mountain Qilian, Qilian is located in Qinghai and Gansu province where in the West of Xi'An.