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Volechek's father

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Volechek and Sveta's father was the previous king of Morgal and a beastman. He was one of those individuals that had been turned into a beastman by the Golden Sun event, and through undisclosed methods he and his family, the Czamaral clan, became the royal family of all beastmen that gathered into and founded their own nation upon northeastern Angara. He and the rest of the beastmen founded Belinsk atop ancient ruins that concealed a terrible secret, and they also came to revere the gigantic bird roosting beyond Kolima Forest, the Mountain Roc, as a symbol of divinity.

Volechek's father had the Psynergy gift of Spirit Sense and was particularly strong with it. However, he was hated for it, and he came to hate others in return.

Many years before the start of Dark Dawn, the king received a visit from Kraden and the Warriors of Vale that had become world-known for causing the Golden Sun event. Isaac and his companions sought a feather of the Mountain Roc because Ivan needed it to construct a hang-glider-like device called a Soarwing, which would allow the Warriors of Vale to better accomplish their duties. The king's inherent sense of respect for skilled warriors, coupled with his visitors' status as perhaps the greatest warriors in all of Weyard, was apparently great enough that he personally helped them obtain what they sought. Following this visit, the king often spoke of them with great warmth to his young son, Volechek.

The king and his wife the queen were both killed when the nation of Sana to the south, lorded over by the warmongering Emperor Ko at the time, invaded and took over Morgal in a motion of imperial expansion. This invasion and the subsequent ten-year-long occupation reshaped Volechek, who eventually became the new king of Morgal and successfully drove the Sanans out in a civil war. Volechek and his sister Sveta became the only remnants of the Czamaral clan.


  • At Belinsk:
Belinsk resident: "King Volechek apparently won't establish friendly relations with Bilibin and Sana for personal reasons. Volechek's parents were killed in the war we lost against the Sanans, and Bilibin refused to lend help."