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Lifting Gem

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Lifting Gem.gif Lifting Gem
Trade Info
Item class Psynergy item
Equip/Use Effect
Special Equip Effect Bestows Lift when equipped

The Lifting Gem (リフトのジュエル, Jewel of Lift?) is a Utility Psynergy item featured in Golden Sun and, by extension, Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It bestows the Lift Psynergy, and it can suspend round boulders in midair to temporarily remove them as environmental obstacles.

The Lifting Gem is found in a chest at the bottom of Altin Peak that is reachable after defeating the Hydros Statue boss. It is mandatory to retrieve because Altin Peak cannot be exited in the direction of Lama Temple without the Lift Psynergy, and many round boulders block access to important areas in both Golden Sun and The Lost Age. For this reason, it is part of Isaac's party in The Lost Age when they join Felix's during the Reunion regardless of whether the game has been enhanced with Password data transfer from the first game. Among the most important uses of Lift is that it allows the newly doubled party to enter the next dungeon in the game, Magma Rock.