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The following content is unofficial. It is not formally recognized by any Golden Sun media or by Camelot Software Planning themselves, but nonetheless is a common focus of discussion amongst the Golden Sun community.
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Shipping is a term used by various fan communities, the Golden Sun community among them, to describe fan fiction that emphasizes romantic elements of relationship between the various characters of the series. (Shipping is short for relationship) Various ships are popular in the Golden Sun fan fiction community. The original shipping list was created by Golden Sun fanfiction author Isaac says Booga. Additions were made by other fans who would write different pairings and coin names for them.

The Golden Sun series is rather well known for its extensive shipping scene. When the TVTropes wiki previously listed examples on its trivia pages, Golden Sun was highlighted as an example series in its article about shipping because seemingly every character in Golden Sun is involved in a named pairing with every other character. Some of the shipping pairings were described as "extremely unrealistic and impractical...just to parody the rest of the shipping," with Garet's Magmashipping cited as an example. While trivia pages on TV Tropes no longer list examples, the site's article on crack pairings still does, including a highlight of Golden Sun's most infamous of crack pairings: RoofShipping.

The following lists attempts to document shipping terms that have been established as terms used in fanfiction discussion in Golden Sun community boards. The ships listed are grouped and arranged by male characters. Listed with various ship name is a link to a fan fiction that either generated the name of the ship or that is a good representative example of the ship.


  • AlchemyWellshipping is one name for the relationship between Alex and Veriti. The name, coined by LadyofVale, comes from how Alex first met Veriti in order to start the Alchemy Machine in Ayuthay.
  • Alephshipping focuses on Alex and the Wise One, a pairing done for crack humor. The name of Alephshipping refers to their scene at the top of Mt. Aleph.
  • Apolloshipping is one name for the ship that focuses on Matthew and Sveta, named after the location in which a very important event involving the two took place.
  • Aquashipping focuses on Piers and Mia. Named Aquashipping because Piers and Mia both share the ability to project water.
  • Arrangeshipping focuses on Amiti and Hou Ju. The ship was named as such because the ship namer, Sunruner, thought this pairing would be most plausible in the context of an arranged marriage.
  • Ashshipping is one name for the pairing between Isaac and Sheba.
  • Awkwardshipping focuses on Sheba and Agatio. Awkwardshipping was initially proposed as a "pair the spares" counterpart for Duskshipping (hence the kink meme prompt calling for a double-date), and noted that it would be really awkward to make happen, which led to the name (coined by Vagabond).


  • Betrayedshipping focuses on Karst and Mia. Named because both Mia and Karst (along with others) were betrayed by Alex at some point in their lives.
  • Billybeanshipping focuses on the lord of Bilibin and his wife. Billybeanshipping is a joke way to spell Bilibin.
  • Blazeshipping is one name for the ship that focuses on Jenna and Alex. It is named for the title of a fanfic by Mikaa.
  • Bodybuildershipping focuses on Garet and Agatio. Named after their similar muscle builds. Coined in The Adepts of Weyard forum.
  • Blizzardshipping focuses on Sveta and Rief.
  • Boilershipping focuses on Mia, Jenna, and Kay. Created as a joke by Golden Sun Realm members Cena and Glenn. The name Boilershipping emerged because water boils when exposed to extreme heat, and the pairing involves two Fire Adepts and one Water Adept.
  • Bouldershipping focuses on Kyle and Dora. The name Bouldershipping relates to the Mt. Aleph boulder that tore this couple apart for three years.
  • Burnshipping is one name for the ship focusing on Ivan and Jenna. It is named for Ivan's compliment when Jenna "burns" the Wise One on Mars Lighthouse.


  • Cakeshipping focuses on two unnamed guards in Alhafra whose Mind Read dialogue led to speculation that they were in a relationship. The shipping was discussed on Tumblr and fic for the two men, nicknamed Larry and Gary, was written by Tumblr user piikeisandaa (not safe for work).
  • Cardshipping focuses on Blados and Chalis. The name derives from their names being associated with normal cards in the Japanese version (Spade and Heart), and with Tarot cards in the United States version.
  • Catfoodshipping is one name for the relationship between Felix and Sheba. Both "Felix" and "Sheba" are names of cat food brands.
  • Celestialshipping is another name for the pairing of Amiti and Himi.
  • Champashipping focuses on Briggs and Chaucha. The name (coined by mokomel and SailorLi) refers to how they both hail from the town of Champa.
  • Closetshipping focuses on Ivan and Felix.
  • Cookieshipping focuses on Piers and Sheba. Named Cookieshipping after the first fanfiction on the subject, written by Akiko, where Piers and Sheba worked together to deliver a batch of cookies to Kalay.
  • Creepershipping focuses on Eoleo and Karis.
  • Crakenshipping focuses on Mia and Sean. Dubbed so because it is crack and they meet on the Tolbi-bound ship where the battle with the Kraken occurrs.
  • Crimsonshipping is one name for the relationship between Tyrell and Himi, referring to the red in both of their character designs.
  • Cucumbershipping focuses on Isaac and Piers.


  • Daddyissuesshipping focuses on Amiti and Eoleo. The name, coined by Naoko, comes from perceived issues in relationships with their fathers (Amiti not knowing the identity of his and Eoleo's motivation to take up the quest being tied to his own father).
  • Dawnshipping focuses on Matthew and Karis. The name, coined by Fatal Exodus, refers to the idea of being that Matthew's father, Isaac, holds a part of the Golden Sun, and the name also a reference to the two characters' debut game, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.
  • Deathshipping focues on Isaac and Karst. Named so because Karst seeks to avenge Menardi's death by killing Isaac.
  • Diamonddustshipping focuses on Mia and Sheba. The name comes from the fic by Azalee-Calypso.
  • Divineshipping is another ship name for Amiti and Himi.
  • Douseshipping focuses on Mia and Iodem, named by Mireia for the Mercury Psynergy needed to cross the Suhalla Desert, which is an area the party traverses with Iodem.
  • Dragonshipping focuses on Agatio and Karst. Dragonshipping comes from an event near the end of the game when they are transformed into dragons.
  • Duskshipping focuses on Felix and Karst. Believed to be coined by the author Feral Phoenix, presumably because Felix and Karst's faces are both slightly shadowed over in their in-game portraits.


  • Earthshipping focuses on Isaac and Felix; it's named Earthshipping because Isaac and Felix both have the ability to project earth-based powers.
  • Echoshipping focuses on Matthew and Hou Ju. The shipname, coined by Mireia, refers to the gems Matthew's party use to locate her.
  • EtherealEarthShipping focuses on Isaac and Flint. Named because Flint is an ethereal being, and both are connected with the Venus element. The shipping came about from one of Isaac's comments in Dark Dawn: "We're very attached to our Djinni." Adepts of Weyard member Alex coined the shipping name.


  • Ferretshipping focuses on Felix and Garet. The name of Ferretshipping is a play on their names being put together.
  • Flameshipping focuses on Garet and Jenna. Dubbed Flameshipping based on the Fire-based elements of the two characters.
  • Frothshipping is one name for the ship that focuses on Mia and Felix. Named so because of the Froth Psynergy series that Felix and Mia obtain when their Djinn are configured for the Seer class.


  • Gardenshipping focuses on Mia and Kay.
  • Gladiatorshipping focuses on Sean and Ouranos, who are depicted with a fairly buddy-buddy relationship in-game. So named because they are both Colosso competitors.
  • Goldenheavenshipping is a name for the relationship between Karis and Amiti. It is named for the first shipping fanfic of the two.
  • Goldenringshipping focuses on Felix and Feizhi. The ship is believed to have originated from the scene in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, where, if Hsu is saved from the boulder in the first game by Isaac and Co, Feizhi mistakes Felix for Isaac and tells him to give the Golden Ring to Isaac for her. The term was coined by author mud master isaac.
  • GoneToHailshipping focuses on Mia and the Snowman in Imil. It was created by Joker's Specter of Magmashipping fame.
  • Growthshipping focuses on Matthew and Himi, named for their similar affinity to the earth.


  • Hasteshipping focuses on Isaac and Hama. Dubbed Hasteshipping after the fanfic by ikapikapuka.
  • Headbandshipping is another name that refers to the relationship between Amiti and Eoleo, referring to the fact that both of them wear headbands.
  • Hotdogshipping is one name for the pairing of Eoleo and Sveta.
  • Hotplasmashipping is another name for the ship that focuses on Ivan and Jenna. Hotplasmashipping relates to Jenna's element being "hot" and Plasma being one of Ivan's Psynergy series.
  • Hotspringshipping is one name for the ship focusing on Jenna and Piers.
  • Hurricaneshipping focuses on Sveta and Amiti.


  • Imiliveroshipping focuses on Alex and Sheba. Imiliveroshipping is meant to be a portmanteau of their hometowns, Imil and Lalivero.
  • Imilshipping focuses on Alex and Mia. It is named Imilshipping since Alex and Mia both come from Imil. Could be interpreted as slightly incestuous, though, since Alex and Mia are cousins.
  • ImmortalRevealershipping focuses on Piers and Hama. The name may simply be a combination of Piers's longevity and Hama's ability to reveal the future.
  • Izumoshipping focuses on Kushinada and Susa, named Izumoshipping because they are both from Izumo.
  • Izzyshipping, focuses on Isaac and Sheba. May be dubbed Izzyshipping because of a nickname used for Isaac, perhaps by Sheba herself in one fanfic.


  • Jokershipping focuses on Garet and Feizhi. Dubbed Jokershipping after Joker's Specter, the person to give the idea of this paring to Delfeir, who used it in Project Psynergy.


  • Kalayshipping focuses on Hammet and Layana, called Kalayshipping because they both come from Kalay.
  • Karagolshipping focuses on the Kraken and the Tolbi-bound Ship. Named so because the Kraken attacks the ship in the Karagol Sea.
  • Ketchupshipping is another name for the ship that focuses on Jenna and Piers.


  • Laundryshipping focuses on Garet and Dora. This is very uncommon and has been written only for crack purposes, yet it has a shipping name so it is worthy of mention. Dracobolt coined the name Laundryshipping when she began work on a Garet/Dora story.
  • Lavashipping focuses on Isaac and Garet. Named after their combined elements. Coined by HyperMushrambo.
  • Lighthouseshipping is another name for the ship that focuses on Felix and Sheba. Dubbed Lighthouseshipping because the episode at Venus Lighthouse is where Felix demonstrates sacrificial valor in trying to rescue Sheba from falling down, implying romance to some authors.
  • Luckynerdshipping is a joke ship name for Rief and Karis. It was proposed on GoldenSunRealm because the users thought Rief looked like a nerd.


  • Magmashipping focuses on Garet and the Wise One. A unique pairing created by Joker's Specter, the name Magmashipping may relate to how Garet's element is fire and how the Wise One guards a volcano.
  • MasterShipping focuses on Karis and a Wooden Stick. Named so because Adepts Of Weyard member Alex said aloud one of the lines in Dark Dawn, "Karis has mastered Wooden Stick." The shipping name was coined by Adepts of Weyard member BlueKoopa.
  • MegaVenusshiping focuses on Felix and Megaera. The ship was created by amanda2324 of The name was created using Mega (from Megaera) and Venus (Felix's elemental focus).
  • Monstershipping focuses on Volechek and Hou Ju. Named by cheddarbiscuit, the first known author for the pairing.
  • Moonlightshipping focuses on Mia and Jenna. The name moonlightshipping comes from acclaimed Mia/Jenna fic of the same name.
  • Mudshipping focuses on Isaac and Mia. Dubbed Mudshipping based on when the Earth-based element of Isaac and the Water-based element of Mia combine to form mud.


  • Neosteamshipping focuses on Tyrell and Nowell. "Steamshipping" is the common pairing name of their respective parents, Garet and Mia.
  • Nobleshipping focuses on Matthew and Nowell. The name, coined by Raven the Ravenous, refers to Nowell's Japanese name.
  • Noblewarriorshipping focuses on Nowell and Takeru. Named after Nowell's Japanese name and how Takeru is the strongest warrior in Izumo.


  • Oldshipping focuses on Kraden and Tret. The name (coined by CreationsGoneAwry) refers to how both are very old.
  • Oldersiblingshipping focuses on Felix and Kay, though also sometimes confused for the ship between Felix and Hama. Named Oldersiblingshipping since Felix and Kay are the older siblings of Jenna and Garet.
  • Oopsiesshipping focuses on Felix and Jenna. The name of Oopsiesshipping arose because this incestuous pairing is a mistake.


  • Plankshipping focuses on Eoleo and Rief. The name was coined by usedempyrealthunder, with the explanation that "to get a pirate into the water, you make him walk the plank."
  • Porcelainshipping focuses on Felix and Alex. It is named Porcelainshipping because of the Alex/Felix fic Akiko wrote.
  • Proxshipping focuses on Saturos and Menardi. It is called Proxshipping because they both come from Prox.
  • Psychshipping focuses on Feizhi and Hama. Created during the Golden Sun Realm Podcast episode 6.
  • Puretortureshipping focuses on Ivan and Mia. It was named after the first Ivan/Mia story to be posted on Also called Mistshipping.
  • Purpleshipping focuses on Ivan and Feizhi. Known as Purpleshipping because Ivan has purple eyes and Feizhi has purple hair.



  • Sailingshipping focuses on Nowell and Piers. Nowell fell for Piers upon seeing him, and they left to sail the world together.
  • Sandshipping is another ship name for Felix and Sheba. The name refers to one of Felix's unique Psynergies and the fact that wind can turn rock into sand over time (as Sheba says in Garoh).
  • Sandstormshipping focuses on Isaac and Ivan. Sandstormshipping relates to their elements of wind and earth (sand).
  • Saunashipping is another name for the relationship between Amiti and Eoleo. The name was coined by Yui_hime, with the logic that saunas are places that contain steam and require little clothing. It is also sometimes used as the ship name for Garet and Piers.
  • Scarfshipping focuses on Isaac and Matthew. The name was suggested by Gilgamesh/Boyd because both Isaac and Matthew wear the yellow scarf.
  • Secondshipping is the name for the pairing between Amiti and Nowell. The name, coined by Sunruner, refers to the fact that the two are second cousins.
  • Seveneyeshipping focuses on Rief and Himi. The name refers to Rief's glasses ("four-eyes") and Himi's Third Eye.
  • Shipshipping is another name for the pairing of the Kraken and the Tolbi-bound ship, suggested by Reimu Hakurei.
  • Shrineshipping is another name for the pairing of Amiti and Himi.
  • Sightshipping is a name for the relationship between Amiti and Himi. The name was suggested by Shadow Milotic because they both see the unseen with the Insight Glass and the Third Eye respectively.
  • Simmershipping is another name for the pairing of Alex and Jenna. The name comes from both a fanfic by Umi no Kanshisha and because of how water simmers when put over a low flame (a low flame being chosen owing to the large differences in their relative power).
  • Singeshipping focuses on Tyrell and Sveta. The name, coined by Oh so random, refers to the idea being that Tyrell is a Mars Adept, Sveta is of a beastman-species, and that fur or hair is singed when exposed to flames.
  • Slipshipping focuses on "Daddy" Poi and the three Chestbeater monsters found in Kandorean Temple and often involves stories about how he lovingly caresses them with oil drops. Coined by the Golden Sun Hacking Community's members, this ship is among the community's favourites and is frequently discussed.
  • Softshipping is one name for the ship that focuses on Felix and Mia. According to the ship list's creator, it is dubbed Softshipping based on a fanfiction where Felix claimed to Isaac that he had never done anything with Mia, although he mentioned her skin was soft.
  • Soulshipping is another name for the relationship between Matthew and Sveta. The name refers to both an important event involving the two near the end of Dark Dawn and it is also a homonym for "Sol".
  • Sparkshipping focuses on the relationship between Karis and Tyrell, named for their constant bickering and bantering. The name has also been used for Ivan and Karst.
  • Spikeydomeshipping (also known as Hot Wind Shipping) focuses on Garet and Sheba. Dubbed Spikeydomeshipping because of their hair shapes, Garet's being spiky and Sheba's being dome shaped.
  • Spiritshipping is another name for the relationship between Matthew and Sveta. The name refers to an important event involving the two near the end of Dark Dawn.
  • Steamshipping focuses on Garet and Mia. Dubbed Steamshipping because when their elements, fire and water, combine, the water boils and creates steam.
  • Stockholmshipping focuses on Felix and Menardi, and coined by the author bane1190 (also known as KeyBane). It's named as such because of Felix bonding with Menardi, his "captor."
  • Stormshipping is another name for the relationship between Karis and Amiti. It is named due to their respective elements being water and lightning and was possibly popularized by Mystwalker's fanfic. The name is also occasionally used for Karis and Sveta because they both control wind and lightning and because of the events that follow the departure from Belinsk in the midst of a storm.
  • Strawberryshipping focuses on Sheba and Jenna, and is apparently named because the first Sheba and Jenna romance story on was entitled Strawberry, and also because if Jenna and Sheba's hair colors mixed, it would be strawberry blond.
  • Successorshipping is another name for the ship between Sveta and Eoleo. The name, coined by GenericDude, refers to the fact the both of them succeeded a family member's position by the end of Dark Dawn.
  • Sunshipping focuses on Alex and Isaac. The name Sunshipping relates to how at the end of Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Isaac and Alex share parts of the Golden Sun.
  • Swampshipping focuses on Piers and Felix. Named Swampshipping since swamps are large areas of extremely muddy water.


  • Tendershipping focuses on Karis and Chalis. Named after the first Karis/Chalis story to be posted on
  • Theloversshipping focuses on Arcanus and Matthew. Coined by "LadyVale", the name thelovers relates to the Major Arcana in a set of cards known as Tarot. The Lovers (L'Amoureux) The Children of the Voice; The Oracle of the Mighty Gods. A struggle between two paths.
  • Thongshipping is Megan/Justin. The term comes from Quest for the Cure.
  • Tiarashipping is another name for the pairing of Rief and Karis.
  • Tragedyshipping focuses on Piers and Karst. Coined by Airumel, the name Tragedyshipping stems from Karst's tragic death in the ending of the second game.
  • Treeshipping focuses on Tret and Laurel, named Treeshipping because they are trees.
  • Truthshipping is another name for the relationship focuses on Alex and Veriti. The name (coined by "Knight-Dawn") is derived from the name, Veriti (meaning "truth"), and from how the truth is hidden when the party meets Amiti.


  • Valeshipping focuses on Isaac and Jenna. Dubbed Valeshipping because the two characters hail from Vale. Confirmed canon by Camelot in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, in which Isaac and Jenna are the parents of Matthew.
  • Vipershipping focuses on Chalis and Meisa. The name (as coined by Shadow Milotic) comes from a canon line in which Meisa calls Chalis "a viper."


  • Weirdshipping focuses on Isaac and Feizhi. Possibly dubbed Weirdshipping because Feizhi possesses "weird" powers.
  • Wildshipping is an older name for the relationship of Matthew and Sveta, refering to Sveta's beastform.
  • Windshipping focuses on Ivan and Sheba. Dubbed Windshipping based on both characters' abilities to project Wind-based Psynergy.


  • Xianshipping focuses on Hsu and Feizhi. The name relates to how they both come from Xian.


  • Zephyrshipping focuses on Karis and Sveta. Called Zephyrshipping after "zephyr" (light breeze) and the Greek wind god Zephyrus who laid with a demihuman woman.
  • Zitshipping is another name that focuses on the relationship between Alex and Jenna, named because of a fanfic by Sammi Somara.