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Fandom:The Adepts of Weyard

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The Adepts of Weyard
Website URL
Language English
Owner(s) Kyarorain
Launch Date May 2003
Status Active

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Adepts of Weyard is an active fansite created by Kyarorain and was launched in May 2003. The site contains Kyarorain's humorous creations (For example: Test Page) and interesting and useful information about the games (For example: Mind Read in Prox after lighting Mars Lighthouse). Other interesting features include a collection of pictures of the promo/beta version of Golden Sun. Many other interesting oddities and facts about the games can be found lying around the site.

The Adepts of Weyard was one of the first Golden Sun sites to reveal that Golden Sun: Dark Dawn had been announced at E3 and updated with the latest news whenever it was made available. The site continues to be updated on occasion, albeit at a slow pace, and can be considered one of the few Golden Sun sites that are still active.

Contents[edit | edit source]

As of 31/10/2015, the site contains 20 sections - 12 for Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age, 8 for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, and also a forum.

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