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A V-Jump manga of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn was released in Japan alongside the game itself as part of a promotional package named the "Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Adept's Navigation Guide". Illustrated by Higashimoto Kazuki, it depicts the first part of the game's story. No official English translation exists as of the present, but it has received a fan-translation.

The manga is a summarized retelling of the first part of the story of Dark Dawn, up until Matthew, Tyrell, and Karis leave Isaac's cottage for Patcher's Place. It is similar to the sequence of events in the game, but there are some differences: The manga opens up with Isaac training Matthew for combat as an Adept, and Matthew has a speaking role throughout the manga. Garet is nowhere to be seen, and Isaac's stance on the events that happen is changed in response to this; when Tyrell gets himself in trouble while riding the soarwing and Isaac resolves to rescue him, it is Isaac that wants Matthew and Karis to stay behind because he thinks their lack of ability will only get in his way, and it is Matthew that convinces him to let them come because Matthew considers Tyrell his best friend. In the game itself, it is Garet that thinks they should stay behind while it is Isaac that wants Matthew and Karis to come along because this presents a good opportunity for the young Adepts to gain critical experience in the ways of combat.

In Tanglewood, there is a fork in the road that makes Isaac decide for the three of them to split up. When Flint makes his appearance, Isaac loans Flint to Matthew (rather than several other Djinn like in the game) before taking one of the forks. Matthew and Karis go down the other fork and find Tyrell there, and are immediately attacked by the Tangle Bloom, which picks up a (conscious) Tyrell and holds him captive. Isaac returns from his trip down the other fork and saves Tyrell, but incurs a wound to the torso. After apologizing for making Matthew and Karis go down the other fork by themselves for the sake of their training and admitting that he failed to anticipate such a strong adversary, Isaac tells the other three Adepts to flee and leave him behind. However, the three Adepts courageously stand up to and fight the plant monster because they would not leave behind Isaac while he is injured. Matthew has Flint Set onto himself to bolster his Psynergy so that he may lift the ground underneath the Tangle Bloom, then unleashes Flint to fell the beast.

When Matthew, Tyrell, and Karis set off on their sudden quest across the continent to retrieve a Mountain Roc feather to fix the broken soarwing and Flint joins back up with Matthew, Flint reveals that Isaac did not personally see his own son off on his quest because he would have been pained to do so.

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