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Golden Sun series/Detailed plot summary/Golden Sun and The Lost Age

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This is a detailed summary of the events in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age, as they occur from the player's point of view. This page is continued in Golden Sun series/Detailed plot summary/Dark Dawn.

A Point of Warning: This page contains a detailed writeup of the story in the Game Boy Advance titles with no holds barred on the spoilers and more-or-less a blow-by-blow account of what happens in the games. Read this page at your own risk.

If you are looking for a spoiler-free walkthrough for each of these games, please consult these walkthroughs instead.


Golden Sun

The world of Weyard, a disk-like plane much like the ancient Flat Earth perception of our world in which its oceans perpetually flow over its perimeter into an abyss below, is comprised of any combination of the four elemental building blocks of reality. Much like the concept of the Greek Classical Elements, all matter on Weyard, living or inanimate, is comprised of the following base physical elements: Venus, the element of earth, ground, and plantlife; Mars, the element of fire and heat; Jupiter, the element of air and electricity; and Mercury, the element of water and the cold. Furthermore, two other values that complete existence's form in a sort of yin and yang concept are darkness and light.

Individuals live on Weyard that have the ability to utilize spiritual power to manipulate at least one of the elements around them - this art, resembling magical sorcery, is known as using Psynergy of that element, and an individual that is able to use Psynergy based on one of the four base elements is known as an Adept of that element. While it seems all lifeforms on Weyard are innately aligned with a given element, only certain sapient and/or sentient lifeforms have the capacity to use Psynergy, and those few that do generally have the presence of mind not to showcase it. Adepts are generally unknown by the world at large by the start of Golden Sun.

It was a different story ages ago, however; in its ancient past, Weyard was a much different place. Taking residence upon the lands of the world were thriving civilizations and clans based on each of the four elements. This was made possible by a great power named Alchemy, which is apparently similar to Psynergy, but is much more powerful in that all four of the building blocks of reality are manipulated simultaneously as one rather than just a single element at a time. Alchemy could allow for fantastic effects, such as the transmutation of lead into solid gold, and the ability to thwart death itself.

Alchemy, being what fueled the rise of civilization in this era, would similarly fuel the rise of untold strife, however. Mankind's dreams of endless riches, and then of eternal life, eventually turned to dreams of dominion over all that lived, and aspirations of conquest. The world became the stage for a great conflict, as the nations abused the power of Alchemy to raise armies and wage war against each other. The world was nearly torn apart, but was ultimately saved from its own denizens by the bravery of a few wise men: They sealed away the power of Alchemy out of the reach of the nations of the world of Weyard, and the wars subsided. The secrets to Alchemy were hidden within a dungeon-like shrine named Sol Sanctum, constructed within Mt. Aleph at the western part of the modern-day north-central continent of Angara, and these secrets would remain outside of public knowledge and reach for the ages to come.

In the present, a village named Vale had been founded at the foot of Mt. Aleph, and all of its residents are Adepts to varying degrees because of having lived in close proximity to the mountain shrine. It has many laws and customs forbidding residents from showing their powers to outsiders of the village, as well as casually entering Sol Sanctum, whose true secrets none of them had ever discovered. However, three years ago, a raiding party of Mars Adepts from the world's northern reaches, headed by the powerful warriors Saturos and Menardi, secretly invaded Sol Sanctum in an attempt to obtain the Elemental Stars for themselves. On that fateful night, they triggered a cataclysmic defense mechanism that drove them away and caused a violent thunderstorm to surround Mt. Aleph, and a boulder on the mountain descended upon and crashed through the town below, seemingly killing several of its residents - the adult Kyle, the young Venus Adept Felix, and his two parents. None of their bodies were found, however.

Three years later, the teenage son of Kyle, the Venus Adept Isaac, and his friends, the Mars Adept Garet of Vale's mayoral family and the surviving sister of Felix, the Mars Adept Jenna, have become friends with the elderly and kind-hearted scholar Kraden, who is not originally from Vale and who is highly interested in the secrets of Alchemy supposedly within Sol Sanctum. They secretly enter the sanctum and manage to find their way past the cataclysmic trap and into the chamber containing the four Elemental Stars, and Kraden has Isaac and Garet fetch the Elemental Stars for him to study. In an enormously fateful coincidence, the day Isaac and Kraden's group set out to explore Sol Sanctum is the same day Saturos and Menardi return to make another attempt for the Elemental Stars. They arrive and hold Jenna and Kraden hostage, and are joined by two further companions: a powerful Mercury Adept named Alex and, to everyone's complete astonishment, Felix, revealed to have been saved from the boulder disaster by Saturos three years before and now sworn to Saturos' objective. Felix's presence convinces Isaac and Garet to hand over three of the Elemental Stars to Saturos and to fetch the fourth one for him.

When Isaac removes the Mars Star off its pedestal, the formerly dormant volcano that is Mt. Aleph instantly begins to erupt as though the Elemental Stars were originally set in place to keep the lava repressed, and the all-powerful guardian entity of the seal placed on Alchemy, the being spoken of in Valean legend as the Wise One, awakens from his slumber. Saturos' group realizes they cannot get the Mars Star with it and the two boys in peril, and are forced to leave matters up to fate; against Felix's wishes, they take Jenna and Kraden as captive members of their group as they fled the quaking chamber and volcano, the purpose of that being that if Isaac and Garet make it out alive, the boys would pursue Saturos' group and bring the Mars Star if they want Jenna back.

The Wise One, meanwhile, explains that the Elemental Stars would be used to light the Elemental Beacons atop four towering structures situated across the world, the Elemental Lighthouses, the execution of which would bring the power of Alchemy back to the world - a power which the Wise One paints as dangerous to unleash because it would be abused by the people of Weyard. Isaac becomes convinced that the world would be put in danger if the four Lighthouses did not remain unlit, so after the Wise One imbues the Mars Star in his possession with a mysterious property, he teleports Isaac and Garet back outside to safety, and uses his godlike power to prevent the flow of Mt. Aleph's lava from seeping down into the direction of Vale. Isaac and Garet return to Vale and explain everything that transpired in Sol Sanctum to the worried populace, and Isaac selflessly accepts the great responsibility of acting on the Wise One's warning and setting out on a quest to pursue and stop Saturos' group from accomplishing their objective. After spending one last night with their families, Isaac and Garet depart from their hometown to embark on their uncertain and perilous journey.

Mercury Lighthouse and Angara[edit]

Isaac and Garet's quest across the world is immediately perilous because the eruption of Mt. Aleph instantly begins to have a profound and radical effect on Weyard; a massive stockpile of Psynergy Stones, comprised of a substance that can unlock latent Adept abilities within those people that come into contact with them, was expelled by the eruption and showered all across the world, giving common people newfound powers and driving lesser lifeforms such as wildlife mad and feral. Also released by the eruption, however, are small, sapient elementals named Djinn that are separately based on the four base elements, and when they are found by Isaac and Garet, they agree to bolster the Adept's Psynergy powers, which causes the warriors' capacity to battle to rise drastically over the course of their journey.

Along the way east across upper Angara, Isaac and Garet pass through the town Vault, and are eventually joined by the young Jupiter Adept, Ivan, who is the servant to the wealthy landowner and merchant Hammet, lord of the kingdom of Kalay down south, and is in possession of an ordinary-looking wooden rod that Hammet considers very important. When Hammet is captured by the empire of thieves in northern Lunpa and Ivan is unable to do anything about it, Ivan accompanies Isaac on his quest because, with his power to read minds, he understands what is happening to the world and hopes to help prevent it in some way. The three-Adept group proceeds through the Goma mountain range by crossing through the subterranean path that was Goma Cave, and arriving at Bilibin on the other side.

While Isaac's party finds out that Saturos and his band went northwest to the Mercury Lighthouse, they also find that Bilibin is experiencing woes of its own; its sister town to the east, Kolima, brought its axes to Kolima Forest, the domain of the tree spirit Tret, who got enraged and inflicted a curse on both Kolima and Bilibin that turns its peoples into trees. Isaac's group decides to head east into Kolima Forest first, and with their innate states of Psynergy shielding them from the curse themselves, they successfully bring Tret back to his senses in a battle, but Tret is now too weak to undo his own curse. Tret's female counterpart, Laurel, tells the Adepts that the only thing that can save Tret from withering away is the enchanted healing water from Mercury Lighthouse's long-dried-up spring. Isaac immediately journeys northwest to Mercury Lighthouse.

Now in the winter-locked northern region of Angara, Isaac's party passes through the village of Imil near Mercury Lighthouse, and they are joined by the young Mercury Adept healer, Mia, whose sworn duty as a descendant of the ancient Mercury Clan is to ensure that the Mercury Beacon is not lit. When the four of them climbs up to and reaches the Lighthouse aerie, however, they are all disheartened to find that Saturos beat them to it and cast the Mercury Star into the Lighthouse's well, permanently establishing the Mercury Beacon. While Menardi and Felix take Jenna and Kraden and flee to the next Lighthouse, Saturos pridefully challenges the four young Adepts to battle him four-on-one, certain that they will all die by his hand. While he is an extremely powerful and dangerous adversary, Saturos is shocked to discover that due to his proximity to the now-lit Mercury Beacon, his own Mars-aligned powers are weakened, and the four Adepts miraculously best Saturos and leave him lying defeated on the ground.

Alex chooses then to reveal himself to the Adepts, and Mia is horrified because Alex, her cousin and fellow Mercury Clan descendant, broke their shared bloodline oath to keep the Mercury Lighthouse's power dormant. Alex simply expresses his obvious admiration for the great power bound within each Lighthouse, then verifies that Isaac still has the Mars Star, before using an advanced warping technique to flee the Lighthouse with Saturos. A despondent Mia quickly resolves to join Isaac's group and beat Saturos and Alex at the next Lighthouse, and they bring a bottle of Mercury Lighthouse's now-flowing healing water with them as they depart east across the continent. Isaac returns to Kolima Forest to pour the water into Tret, saving his life and ending the curse on Bilibin. After receiving more guidance from Tret and Laurel, Isaac's party resumes their pursuit of Saturos across Angara.

Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia's resumed pursuit of Saturos, Menardi, Felix, and Alex, and their two captives Jenna and Kraden, leads both groups clockwise through the entire continent. After Isaac receives training and advice from the monk Master Nyunpa at the pilgrimage site Fuchin Temple, they pass through the oriental village of Xian, located at the eastern end of the trade caravan route Silk Road that connects to Kalay at the southwestern end of Angara. Because Saturos' group caused a landslide to impede Isaac's progress, Isaac's group is forced to find an alternate route through the mines in Altin Peak, and solve the flooding problems of the mining town of Altin in the process. Then, while stopping by Lama Temple along the road, they meet the oracle Hama, who unlocks within Ivan a special Jupiter Adept power of perception and mysteriously address Ivan as more than a mere stranger. This power helps Isaac's group proceed west through the scorchingly hot Lamakan Desert, and they finally reach Kalay, Ivan's hometown.

While Isaac and Ivan are in meeting with Hammet's wife and ruler of Kalay in Hammet's absence, Lady Layana, they discuss what to do and what not to concerning Hammet's captivity in Lunpa. Taking note of Ivan's newfound friends, Layana reveals that it was prophesied that Ivan would go out on a journey with warriors from Vale three years after the thunderstorm that would hit only Mt. Aleph. This came from a Jupiter Adept that Hammet encountered many years ago at the southwest end of the world, who instructed Hammet to take in a then-baby Ivan as his own, as well as the Shaman's Rod, and told Hammet to use the Shaman's Rod to find a particular object. The reason Hammet originally went north to Vault from Kalay right before Mt. Aleph erupted and brought Ivan and the Shaman's Rod with him was because he was pursuing a lead concerning the object. Ivan realizes this means it's essentially his fault that Hammet is in Lunpa's captivity right now, but Layana urges him to accompany Isaac on his quest right and leave the situation to Kalay. Isaac and Garet also travel north to briefly reunite with their families at Vale.

Venus Lighthouse[edit]

Isaac's group they look toward finding a way onto the continent southwest of Angara that Venus Lighthouse is located on, Gondowan. As another landslide has blocked them from taking the land passage to Gondowan, they are forced to take a ferry across the monster-infested Karagol Sea that is located in between the two continents. Then, they arrive at the Angaran settlement that is the world's most populous town, Tolbi, and when they save its mysterious ruler Babi from nearby Altmiller Cave, Babi enters Isaac in the tournament of warriors currently being held in Tolbi's annual festival, Colosso. With his Psynergy powers, Isaac performs brilliantly.

In a later meeting with Babi, Isaac learns that Babi is 150 years old because he has been drinking life-extending draught that he received when he went to and left Lemuria, a hidden society out in the world's Great Eastern Sea. But as his draught has been running out, his extended life will soon end, so he has pursued several means to find out more about Alchemy and its life-extending secrets. For one, Babi sent Kraden, originally from Tolbi and his most favored scholar, north to Vale years ago so that he could study Sol Sanctum up close. For another, he has decreed the construction of a tower named Babi Lighthouse at the easternmost end of upper Gondowan, the point closest to Lemuria's believed place in the ocean, relatively speaking; Lemuria is hidden within a foggy labyrinth of stone crags flanked with whirlpools, and all ships he had previously sent into it to retrieve more draught have been unable to keep a straight course and ended up sailing right back out. The tower is meant to shine a bright light on top like a contemporary lighthouse for this purpose. Furthermore, only a Lemurian Ship like what Babi used to sail out of Lemuria is sturdy enough to survive the attempt, and as it can only be commandeered by Psynergy-wielding Adepts, Babi has been hoping for an Adept like Isaac for a long time.

As Isaac would not be allowed permission from Tolbi to go southeast toward Venus Lighthouse otherwise, he agrees with Babi's proposal that after Isaac finishes his business at Venus Lighthouse, he will obtain Babi's Lemurian Ship and go on another quest to reach Lemuria and retrieve more Lemurian Draught for Babi. Babi has his chief minister, Iodem, accompany Isaac southeast through Suhalla Desert to the town between Venus Lighthouse to its south and the half-complete Babi Lighthouse to its north, Lalivero. However, the townspeople are distressed because Saturos' group passed through Lalivero with an additional captive as part of their party: a Laliveran girl named Sheba, revered by the townspeople due to her apparent origin from the sky and her unusual powers. Isaac and his group promise them that they will head into the secret entrance Babi Lighthouse is being built upon and take its subterranean path into Venus Lighthouse down south, and put a stop to Saturos' goal and liberate all of his hostages.

Isaac's party explores and fights their way through the interior of Venus Lighthouse, and reach the aerie just in time to catch a falling out between Felix and Saturos; Felix is angry that Saturos has taken yet another previously uninvolved person captive, Sheba - who is up there with them - and defiantly announces he will bring Sheba down to the base of the lighthouse and to safety. When Isaac's party intervenes, Saturos reveals that they need the Shaman's Rod because it, somehow, is needed to reach and light Jupiter Lighthouse in the future. Saturos uses crafty wording to trick Isaac and Ivan into handing the Shaman's Rod to him under the belief that they are "exchanging" it for Sheba, but then he reveals that Sheba is staying because she is, in fact, a Jupiter Adept, and Saturos needs one to gain access into Jupiter Lighthouse in the future. Saturos has Felix keep it in order to show his continued loyalty to Saturos' cause.

Proclaiming Isaac's party to have meddled in their affairs long enough, Saturos and Menardi engage Isaac's party with the intent to kill, but despite not being handicapped like Saturos was at the aerie of Mercury Lighthouse, Isaac's party manages to win and render the duo unable to stand. Isaac then attempts to invite Felix to leave Saturos, believing that his former friend had no choice but to submit to Saturos' will ever since Saturos saved his life three years ago. But all of Isaac's group is horrified when Felix declares his full intention to continue lighting the Lighthouses even after Saturos and Menardi are taken out of the picture, forcing Isaac's side to declare him their enemy. But Saturos suddenly tosses the Venus Star into the well at the aerie of Venus Lighthouse, starting the process that would establish the Venus Beacon. The energy that begins flowing out of the Venus Lighthouse recharges the pair's bodies and Psynergy power, and Saturos and Menardi execute a most terrifying ability: they merge their two bodies and transform into a single, massive, two-headed dragon of awesome power. Isaac's party engages in their most harrowing battle yet, but through tactics and will they miraculously slay the beast. Saturos and Menardi fall to their shared demise.

All of a sudden, Venus Lighthouse wracks itself with a violent earthquake as part of the process that establishes the Venus Beacon atop Venus Lighthouse, causing Sheba to lose her footing and fall off the tower - and Felix, beside himself, jumps clean off the tower after her. The quaking subsides, and Isaac's speechless group believes that the two of them fell to their deaths. They quickly resolve to leave the Lighthouse and search for Jenna, but they would not find Jenna at any point in the long and tiring search to follow.

When Isaac's group returns to Lalivero to convene its populace and Iodem, they learn that witnesses saw Sheba and Felix surviving their fall into the ocean because of how the ocean seemed to intentionally rise up and "catch" them - the people of Lalivero attribute this to be another instance of Sheba's miracles. Knowing that Felix and Sheba are alive and are probably with Jenna, Isaac's party resolves to find them, while pursuing their other objective to discover Lemuria and find life-extending draught for Babi before it is too late. Iodem presents Isaac the Psynergy-powered Lemurian Ship that Babi used, and gives Isaac the ship's corresponding Black Orb that is needed to commandeer the ship through Psynergy.

Felix's journey[edit]

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

During Isaac's own climb through the Venus Lighthouse, Saturos and Menardi had Felix and Alex lead themselves, Jenna, and Kraden out of the front exit of the tower itself, while the duo went up to the aerie with Sheba in tow. However, Felix went back up to confront Saturos atop Venus Lighthouse's aerie over the involvement of Sheba in their quest, so Jenna, Kraden, and Alex were left to fight their way through large groups waiting outside Venus Lighthouse that demanded Sheba back. The three waited at a peninsula near Venus Lighthouse named Idejima, where Menardi had moored her personal Lemurian Ship so that they could continue the rest of their goal to light Jupiter and Mars Lighthouse together. But Saturos and Menardi would never arrive; when the Venus Lighthouse wracked itself and the surrounding lands with a violent earthquake, Idejima was torn away and became its own buoyant island floating east out into the Great Eastern Sea, with Alex, Jenna, and Kraden marooned on it. At the same time, the area of ground at the base of the Lighthouse broke away and filled with water from the ocean, which safely caught Sheba and Felix and saved both of their lives. Seeing the floating island, Felix swam with all his might and successfully brought himself and Sheba onto it, rejoining the other three.

Felix, Jenna, Sheba, Alex, and Kraden are now marooned on a island with a ship they can not use because the Black Orb that Saturos used to commandeer the ship was lost with him. Then, all of a sudden, an enormous tidal wave originating from the Great Eastern Sea washes over the island and impacts much of the southeast portion of the world of Weyard. Idejima is driven south into a small island continent named Indra, and Indra itself is driven a short distance southwest so that it is sandwiched between the lower tip of Gondowan to the west and the upper left tip of the continent of Osenia. When Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Kraden regained consciousness, they notice Alex has gone off on his own, and that they can now explore a new continent. Felix and the others determine that his objective to light the two remaining Lighthouses west across the oceans of the world can only be continued once they find themselves a boat they can use.

Jenna supports her brother in his quest because, as a matter of fact, their parents are alive - they had also been rescued by Saturos and Menardi on the night of the disaster at Vale, but they had been kept at Saturos' hometown ever since so as to coerce Felix into joining Saturos on his journey to unseal Alchemy. Felix and Jenna's ultimate motivation in lighting the Lighthouses is to win their parents' freedom. Sheba, on the other hand, insists that she stay with Felix for his journey for a reason she does not disclose, instead passing it off as her "destiny" to do so. Having her as the Jupiter Adept of his group, as well as having the newly acquired Shaman's Rod in his possession, Felix's capacity to successfully enter and climb Jupiter Lighthouse in the future is now assured. As for Kraden, though he is an old man who cannot fight, he is nonetheless eager to accompany Felix on his travels across the world, for he wants to continue sating his curiosity and potentially delve further into the secrets of Alchemy, partially for his master Babi's sake. With Felix's new group of travelers assembled, they began their search for a ship by stepping down into Indra. Like Isaac's group, Felix's group begins to fight the many wild monsters of the world, and also amass Djinn of their own.

After passing through the washed-up town of Daila on the northernmost part of the continent, Felix detours to the Kandorean Temple to train and develop their rudimentary Psynergy abilities under the head monk Master Poi, then use what they learned in the Shrine of the Sea God tower dungeon east of Daila to help free a pair of Dailan children that were stuck because of the Tidal Wave. While on a return visit to Daila, Felix coincidentally comes across Alex, who had been searching for a boat himself. Alex reports that Daila does not have any boats all, for sale or otherwise, but the town mayor told him to try the town at the southern end of the continent, Madra. When Felix offers for Alex to accompany his group, though, Alex seems eager to turn him down, stating that he simply prefers to work alone, and then leaves Felix and the town in a visible haste. Having to let Alex be, the remaining four travelers proceed to cross through the rocky Dehkan Plateau, and they arrive at Madra down south.

Felix learns at Madra that prior to the tidal wave, a dread pirate named Briggs, who hails from the seafaring town of Champa across the sea, had been pillaging towns and settlements across the Great Eastern Sea for food, but after the tidal wave Madra managed to capture him and temporarily jail him. The rest of his crew soon invaded Madra and busted him out of the prison, and at the same time Briggs made his escape to Osenia, a Lemurian Ship washed up on Indra's nearby eastern shore, with its lone captain having been knocked unconscious by the tidal wave. The Madrans accused him as one of the Champa in league with Briggs and imprisoned him in their jail without any reliable basis; the Elder of Madra and his son, the Mayor of Madra, did not sit well with having a likely innocent man languishing in their prison, so they had taken it upon themselves to leave Madra and pursue Briggs into Osenia personally. Upon investigation, Felix and his friends find that the man being wrongfully jailed is a Mercury Adept named Piers. Interested in Piers as both an Adept and the owner of a ship they could possibly use, Felix's party decides to trace the Elder and Mayor's path into Osenia to help them put Briggs in his place and secure his vow that Piers is not one of his men.

Both Felix's group and the group of Madrans make it through the Yampi Desert to reach the Osenian town that Madra trades with, the port town of Alhafra, ruled by a mayor known for being a greedy oaf. The town had recently completed a large sailing ship, but the tidal wave had damaged it; nonetheless, Briggs used the gold he stole from Madra to purchase the ship and use it as a hideout. Felix's group goes into the ship and defeats Briggs and his Sea Fighters in battle, and Briggs is jailed in Alhafra's prison while the proof of Piers' innocence is secured for the Madrans. As Briggs and his family confesses, he stole from towns in the Great Eastern Sea because the oceans of the world had been heating up, which was having a serious impact on Champa's fishing trade and way of life. Before leaving the town, Felix attemptes to fix the sailing ship to help out, but the group's Psynergy proved insufficient to remove the enormous rock that was pinning the broken mast out of place.

While Felix's group explores Osenia, they enter and explore Air's Rock - an enormous lone mountain said to have been present on Weyard since the world's beginning and containing an expansive, riddle-filled complex - and earn the Jupiter Psynergy it contained. They also discover the settlement of Garoh near Air's Rock, a society of people that turn into werewolves when they look up at the moon at night. They convene with the village leader, the elderly werewolf Maha, and at the end of it Maha and the people of Garoh thank Felix's group for not being terrified of their "accursed" race. Felix and his companions return west to Madra hoping to find Piers, but they find instead that while they were gone, warriors of the tribal Kibombo society from the heart of lower Gondowan had ransacked the town. They only took a single item before retreating back into Gondowan, however: none other than the Black Orb to Piers' ship. After the invasion, when Madra had received notice that Piers was innocent and had let him free, Piers immediately followed the Kibombo west into Gondowan to retrieve his Orb.

Felix's party traces Piers' steps west and crosses into lower Gondowan, and after they head north through the village of Naribwe, they successfully sneak their way through the guarded Kibombo Mountains to arrive at Kibombo. While the entire village is attending a ceremonial ritual where the aspiring witch doctor Akafubu tries to earn his title as the figurehead of the Kibombo by offering Piers' Black Orb to a giant statue named the Great Gabomba, Felix and his partners find Piers and introduce themselves as Adepts. Piers shocks Kraden when he introduces himself as a Lemurian - an individual who had lived in the legendary society hidden in the center of the Great Eastern Sea until recently, when the tidal wave had driven him out. Piers seeks to regain control of his Orb, and therefore his ship, so that he can find a way back into his home.

When Kraden, excited about the prospect of seeing Lemuria for himself, offers to help Piers so that Piers would take them with him to Lemuria, Piers cannot permit it because Kraden is acting in Babi's interest; Lemurians resent Babi because he had stolen a Lemurian Ship and the entirety of Lemuria's stockpile of life-extending draught. Kraden assures that he wants to see Lemuria for more than just Babi's sake, that he wants his own long-standing questions on Alchemy answered, and he and Felix's group resolve to help him retrieve his orb despite his opinions. Ultimately, they retrieve the orb by climbing into the mechanical Gabomba statue and fix the mechanism that was preventing Akafubu's ceremony from completing successfully, and they all proceed to travel back down to Indra to return to Piers' ship. Upon returning to Indra, Piers announces to his newfound companions that he has decided he would take them with him on his journey back into Lemuria; impressed by Felix and Kraden's willingness to help someone whose affairs needed not concern them, he saw they truly were good people.

Before they board Piers' ship, they briefly return to Madra to put the minds of the Elder and the Mayor at ease about Piers' circumstances. It is at this point, however, when Felix's group first encounters Karst, the younger sister of Menardi, who had arrived from the Mars Adepts' hometown in search of Menardi and Saturos. The news of the Mars Adepts' demise at the hands of Isaac comes out quickly, and Karst, consumed by rage and a driven sense of vengeance against the one who murdered her dear sister, swears that she will hunt Isaac down. Karst makes it clear that she expects Felix to focus on his duty to reach and light Jupiter Lighthouse, and find his own way into the Great Western Sea past the blockade made by the tidal wave to do so. After Karst leaves, Felix's party considers whether they should seek out Isaac's party to protect them from Karst's wrath, but everyone knows full well that Isaac is actively trying to stop Felix from lighting Jupiter Lighthouse and would fight to do so. Felix and Piers' group proceed to board the ship, clear out the monsters infesting it, and use the Black Orb to commandeer it out into the ocean. Piers allows Felix to take the tiller and direct their new journey across the world's waters.

The Great Eastern Sea and Lemuria[edit]

Felix, Jenna, Sheba, Piers, and Kraden, upon Piers' Lemurian Ship, begin an extremely lengthy exploration of all the waters, landmasses, and continents accessible throughout the Great Eastern Sea. The primary cause for this is the fact that Indra had corked up the naval passage between itself and lower Gondowan that previously would have been taken to travel between the Eastern Sea and the Western Sea, and the newly formed rock barriers between the two continents blocking the Lemurian Ship cannot removed with the Psynergy abilities they currently have. They therefore pursue Piers' own goal to make it back to his homeland within the fog-shrouded naval obstacle course known as the Sea of Time, but the whirlpools drive them out.

While on a quest to collect Psynergy and increase their power by exploring dungeons such as Aqua Rock and Gaia Rock, the group visits various towns and settlements across the Eastern Sea, and learnthe secrets to sailing into the Sea of Time - but they also learn from folklore, however, that a mythical entity from the ancient past, Poseidon, has reawakened within the Sea of Time, and it is invulnerable to all conventional forms of attack. The only weapon that can be used against it is an ancient trident whose three separate prongs are all contained within separate tower dungeons locatd across the Great Eastern Sea. They explore and retrieve each of the three prongs from the Shrine of the Sea God east of Daila, the Ankohl Ruins on the bottom end of Angara east of Champa, and the Tundaria Tower at the bottom continent of the world, though they do not have the means to reconstruct the weapon themselves.

When the party first enters Champa, they are suddenly met by Alex, who reveals himself to have joined the company of Karst and her partner, the imposing warrior Agatio. Alex admits that following Saturos' death, he thought Felix would hardly be capable of his quest and felt fit to abandon him after the tidal wave, but later he came to see that Felix was competent for the job after all. So, rather than let Karst and Agatio relieve Felix of the Jupiter Star so that they could light Jupiter Lighthouse themselves, he lets Karst and Agatio put pressure on Felix via threats so that Felix would hurry up in his responsibility. Alex states in very blunt terms that his ultimate position in all this was as a neutral party whose aim was to see all four Lighthouses lit and Alchemy restored to the world. As the three of them leave, Alex breaks the news to Kraden that Babi has passed away. While Kraden is shocked by the news, everyone else wonders if this means that Kraden is now relieved of his responsibility to seek out the secrets of Alchemy for Babi's sake; Kraden, however, insists he wants to continue accompanying Felix and see Lemuria for himself, especially because he has begun to form a theory about the state of the world. Piers surprises Kraden by claiming he holds that theory as well, and that it would likely be confirmed once they arrive at Lemuria.

Even though Felix and his group share the same ocean with Isaac, who is actively searching for them with his own Lemurian Ship, the two parties would never encounter each other across the Great Eastern Sea. Nonetheless, over the course of their exploration of the Great Eastern Sea, Felix and his group takes part in several incidental series of events. While on the island that contains Gaia Rock, Felix finds the people of its lone settlement of Izumo being terrorized by a dragon named the Serpent living in Gaia Rock. The young man Susa went off to Gaia Rock to slay it and save the maiden Kushinada, and Felix's group follows him and helps him save the town. Thanking Felix's group for their help, Susa and his elder sister Uzume reveal that they are Adepts as well, and Susa and Kushinada promise that they will have offspring that will help Felix's descendants in the future.

On a return visit to Alhafra, the party's Psynergy capabilities have become strong enough that they are able to fix its damaged ship. They play right into Briggs' hands when they do this, however, for he chooses then to bust out of the prison, take the ship himself, and sail back to Champa with stolen food in tow. Felix decides to pursue him back to Champa, where Briggs is exalted as the town's savior for bringing back food, and Felix and his group chase Briggs into his mountainside home and confront him and his grandmother Obaba in front of the Forge of Ankohl. Briggs convinces her that Felix has come to take him away, so she employs the powers of the forge to empower a lizard monster to destroy Felix. After Felix manage to fell the beast, they shock Obaba with the revelation that all the food Briggs brought back for the town was stolen from the other towns across the Eastern Sea, and was enraged at Briggs. But Briggs had always intended to pay back the towns he stole from one he saved his own town from starvation, and Felix agrees that all will be well once Briggs lives up to his promise.

Following the Briggs family dispute, Obaba offers to serve Felix counsel on subjects related to smithing. She has long been considered the foremost smith on Weyard due to her seemingly magical mastery over the powers and processes of the forge of Ankohl, so when Felix shows Obaba the prongs to the Trident of Ankohl, Obaba is astounded; all of her experience with the forge was amassed ultimately so that the Trident could be reconstructed. The three prongs are converted into the completed Trident, and Felix takes it with his party as they make one more attempt into the Sea of Time. They successfully sail past the whirlpools and make it to Poseidon's waiting place, and with the Trident they pierce Poseidon's aura of invulnerability and face it down in a fierce and drawn out battle. They fell Poseidon and gain access to the secret island society of Lemuria.

Felix's group marvels at the magnificence of the architecture and culture, but Piers explains that it was once far more grand and lovely in the past. While waiting for an audience with the Lemurian king Hydros, they go over to the house of Piers' uncle. There, Piers receives the devastating news that his mother passed away while he was gone, so while he goes to the cemetery to mourn, Felix finds out from the uncle that Piers was on a mission handed down by the king, which Piers never told them about. His uncle then allows the rest of Felix's party to see the legendary man known as Lunpa the Righteous Thief, the original founder of the town named after him long ago - he originally came to Lemuria along with Babi and was left behind when Babi fled the isle with a Lemurian Ship and all of Lemuria's life-extending draught, and Lunpa, like all of the native Lemurians, has lived a drastically extended lifespan because of drinking from Lemuria's enchanted springwater that the draught was once distilled from.

Lunpa 's discussion with Felix's party quickly turns to the theory about the world that Kraden had earlier said he was formulating and had wanted to prove true by seeing Lemuria for himself. To his surprise, Lunpa and Hydros have suspected the exact same thing: Lemuria's culture was advanced because of the presence of Alchemy's influence, unlike any of the towns and cultures that laid across modern-day Weyard, who couldn't have possibly created the great sanctums and lighthouses Felix and Kraden had come across. These were constructed in an age long-past when cultures all across Weyard were similarly advanced - this meant that the sealing of Alchemy in the past had caused civilization to gradually wane over the ages, rather than develop. Lunpa shocks Kraden by explaining, however, that there is the possibility of another form of decay that came to be as a direct result of the absence of Alchemy.

Lunpa brings Felix, Kraden, and their companions to Lemuria palace to obtain an audience with Hydros in his throne chamber, where he is accompanied by both Piers and Conservato. It first comes to light that Hydros had tasked Piers to leave Lemuria and explore the entirety of the Great Eastern Sea, in direct violation of the will of Conservato and the Lemurian senate, but that he would probably not have done so had he known that Poseidon would have awakened right then and set off the tidal wave that drove Piers out of the Sea of Time and shifted Indra southwest. It is then determined that the original trigger for Poseidon's arousal was Felix's lighting of the Mercury and Venus Lighthouses and the changes that their beacons began to have on the world. Conservato is appalled at Felix, for he believes that Alchemy was a force that would doom the world to destruction and war if its seal were ever broken, and not even Felix was certain that Alchemy wouldn't destroy the world the moment it would be released.

As for what Hydros intended Piers to investigate, Hydros shows a map of Weyard as it was in Weyard's ancient past|its ancient past, when all of civilization thrived and Alchemy reigned supreme, and then shows the map Lunpa had brought with him when he came to Lemuria a century ago - the continents on Lunpa's map are clearly smaller. Piers confirms that Lunpa's map is more accurate, but that the continents are now even smaller than that. This leads to the incredible realization that it is not just human civilization that has been waning; the physical being of Weyard itself was also declining, and would certainly wither toward an eventual doom if Alchemy is not restored in time. Weyard itself is analogous to a living being that has been deprived of its sustenance, which is the combined influence of the four lit Elemental Beacons and the power of Alchemy they provided.

Felix’s objective to light the remaining Elemental Lighthouses is shown to be more important than anyone had ever imagined, and they realize that, for the world's sake, chances would have to be taken with Alchemy's release, and so Hydros calls upon Felix's group to light Jupiter and Mars, and for Piers to accompany him on the remainder of his journey. Lunpa bestows upon Felix the rock-grinding Psynergy that would allow his group the means to make their way through the Great Western Sea. Conservato is outraged at all of this and remains insistent that the world is going to be fine the way it always had been, and assures Piers that the latter would be forever banished from Lemuria if he leaves to join Felix. But Piers stays true to his conviction and accompanies Felix and his party out of Lemuria and the Sea of Time. Using Lunpa's Psynergy to clear the rock barriers that had formed from the collision between Indra and lower Gondowan, the Adepts enter the Great Western Sea, where the remaining two Lighthouses await.

Jupiter Lighthouse[edit]

Two island continents are present in the Great Western Sea: Hesperia, to the north, which the Shaman's Rod is supposed to be brought to, and Atteka, to the south, which is the site of Jupiter Lighthouse. The Adepts touch down upon Hesperia first, and within the secluded Shaman Village they present the Shaman's rod to the village leader Moapa. Moapa is astounded because the rod is a national treasure that Shaman Village had originally traded to the settlement of Contigo in Atteka down south as an act of mutual goodwill, long ago in the ancient past, after the war between the two nations subsided when Alchemy was sealed. The Shamans are to give the bearer of the Rod the opportunity to earn back Contigo's treasure, the Hover Jade, an object containing Psynergy that allows an Adept to partially emulate the ancient Jupiter Clan's ability to fly. However, the Adepts have difficulty getting Moapa to accept them because they do not appear to have Contigo heritage, so they have to rely on passing off Sheba as from Contigo by having her demonstrate her Jupiter Adept powers. The Adepts earn the right to compete against Moapa in a race and competition of skill and power known as Trial Road, and at the end of it they finally earn the Hover Jade. The Adepts depart from Shaman Village and sail down to Atteka.

Felix and his group docks their ship on Atteka and pass through Contigo, which is the true hometown of Ivan and the place where Hammet was entrusted with Ivan as a baby by Ivan's now-deceased mother. Though the people of Contigo are not Jupiter Adepts, for the most part, their ancestors were the legendary tribe of Jupiter Adepts known as the Anemos, a people who could employ Psynergy to achieve flight. It was their power that the Hover Jade contained and provided to a limited degree, and it was those living in Contigo years ago that entrusted Hammet with the Shaman's Rod and the objective to use it to discover the Jade and thus satisfy an important requirement of one of several prophecies the Anemos handed down over the generations. Chief among these prophecies is one that holds that in the modern day and age, a pair of siblings directly descended from the Anemos that would have previously left Contigo would return, and that the Jupiter Lighthouse would once again be lit with the help of the power of the Anemos represented by the Jade. Another prophecy calls for the creation of a pair of wings attachable to a specific design of ship to be completed by the time the siblings' return and Jupiter's ignition are predicted to transpire, which is soon.

Felix, Jenna, Sheba, Piers, and Kraden enter Jupiter Lighthouse just northwest of Contigo and begin their Hover Jade-assisted climb through it. Late in their exploration, however, they find that Isaac and his companions Garet, Ivan, and Mia have entered the tower in pursuit of them, but Garet and Mia had fallen into a trap set up by none other than Karst and Agatio, who are also in the tower. The Mars Adepts introduce themselves as another pair of Fire Clan warriors hailing from the settlement of Prox in the world's frozen northlands, and convey to Isaac that they are out to satisfy a personal grudge against him for his murder of Menardi. The Mars Adepts also reveal that due to the seal placed on Alchemy, Prox has for a long time lied on the brink of extinction. Karst and Agatio reveal that they have a third Adept on their side, Alex, but it is only then that the Mars Adepts realize that Alex had disappeared as though to abandon the duo. Labeling him a traitor, they swear to exact their vengeance on him later, as they begin dueling Isaac and Ivan to the death.

Having watched all this, Felix and his companions rush up through the Lighthouse intending to save Isaac's life, despite the fact that they had been at odds on their respective quests up until now. Alex approaches him along the way, and expresses that he knew that Felix would not light Jupiter if his former childhood friend Isaac lost his life. Therefore, Alex heals Felix's group with his Psynergy so that Felix can save Isaac from Karst, and then light Jupiter later. Karst and Agatio defeat Isaac and Ivan and prepare to to kill them when Felix and his companions step in, and Felix forces the weakened Karst and Agatio to spare Isaac. The deal is made that Felix's group can do what they want with Isaac's group if Felix takes the Mars Star from Isaac, and then goes on to ignite Jupiter Lighthouse with the Jupiter Star. Isaac, despite his prior antagonism with Felix and despite his objective to prevent what Felix is trying to achieve, announces he will place his faith in Felix's judgement and willingly hands the Mars Star over. Felix and Piers accompany Karst and Agatio to the Lighthouse's aerie while the others remain behind to treat all of Isaac's party.

At the aerie of Jupiter Lighthouse, Felix casts the Jupiter Star into the well of Jupiter Lighthouse, and the Jupiter Beacon is established in a spectacular display. But then, Karst suddenly steals the Mars Star from Felix, and she and Agatio declare that as they will be able to light Mars Lighthouse themselves, they have no need for the Felix anymore, and will now execute him for his earlier betrayal. Karst and Agatio engage Felix and Piers in battle with the intent to kill, but both Jenna and Sheba arrive to help Felix, and a desperate fight for both sides takes place. Alex steps in to prevent one side in the conflict from finishing off the other. Even though Karst and Agatio paint him a traitor because of his abandonment of them earlier, Alex is able to convince them to permanently set aside their petty grudges and flee with him while they have both the opportunity and the Mars Star, because Isaac's party has regained its strength and is also headed toward the aerie. Karst and Agatio flee Jupiter Lighthouse with Alex on this note, and the Mars Adepts would part ways with Alex following this.

Isaac and his group arrives just as Felix's antagonists leave, and though a tense standoff briefly ensues between the two, they quickly come to agree that they should formally meet back in Contigo. In a lone, abandoned house in Contigo, which Ivan may later find out to be where he once lived in as a baby, Felix and Isaac's respective parties hold their meeting; Isaac is soon shocked to hear that the reason Felix wanted to help Saturos was because both of his and Jenna's parents, as well as Isaac's father Kyle, were alive and well at Saturos' hometown of Prox to the north, but would only be freed by Prox's denizens once the Lighthouses were ignited. Isaac did not know before that the disaster three years ago had been set off by Saturos and Menardi attempting to raid Sol Sanctum for the Stars, and that the duo of Mars Adepts subsequently took all four of the wounded victims of the disaster - Felix, his two parents, and Kyle - back with them to Prox.

Then Felix and Kraden proceed to recite what they had learned at Lemuria about the true relation of Alchemy to the world of Weyard - that its sealed state since the ancient past has gradually caused both the civilizations and cultures of the world and the physical state of the world itself to wither and wane, and that the world certainly reach a premature end in the future if Alchemy is not restored in time to re-sustain it. Isaac, of course, is enormously taken aback because he had been lead to believe that Alchemy would destroy the world anyway, a possibility Felix and Kraden could not deny. But despite having been tasked long ago to retrieve the Stars and stop Alchemy from being unleashed, Isaac emphatically agrees that the chance and risk Alchemy's release entails should be taken over the certainty of the world ending on its own, a decision he certainly would have not made long ago, since it entailed violating the sacred teachings of Vale.

Just then, Hama, who Isaac had previously met in Lama Temple, arrives and joins in on the conversation, and introduces herself as none other than Ivan's elder sister. Ivan and Hama are the Anemos siblings that their ancestors' prophecies foretold would return to Contigo when Jupiter Lighthouse was lit. When Ivan asks why Hama never told him of their true relation back in Lama Temple, Hama responds that if he had found out too early, he would have wanted to come to Contigo too early, and the course of fate would have aversely been affected. More importantly, Hama has come to announce the emergence of a sudden new threat to Weyard: Because the elemental beacons of Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are alight, the element of Mars (fire and heat) is being suppressed on a global scale, and the temperatures of the world are suddenly and rapidly dropping. If Mars Lighthouse is not lit soon, Weyard will continue to grow colder until it will be plunged into ice. Hama uses her power of distant foresight and precognition to sense that even though Karst and Agatio are attempting to climb Mars Lighthouse themselves, they are certain to fall short of their goal, for a powerful force and will is present at the Lighthouse that does not want to see Mars ignited. She deems it necessary for both groups of Adepts to pool their strengths together, travel north to Mars Lighthouse, and finish the job themselves.

Felix and Isaac, having sorted out all of their differences and come to a true understanding, joins forces to form a final traveling party of eight Adepts - Felix, Isaac, Jenna, Garet, Ivan, Sheba, Mia, and Piers, and Kraden continues to accompany the newly formed group for the remainder of their journey. The combined group of Adepts return to Piers' ship, where they find that the metallic wings the people of Contigo were working on, the Wings of Anemos, had been built onto it as per the last of Anemos' prophecies. As the Adepts set sail for the remainder of their journey, Sheba somberly reveals why she was adamant about joining Felix on his quest after Venus Lighthouse had been lit: she knew from her life in Lalivero that she had a spectacular origin, allegedly dropping out of the sky and landing safely and living as an adopted child. As a Jupiter Adept, she believed that if she accompanied Felix to Jupiter Lighthouse, there she would have found some sort of clue about her place of birth or her true parentage, but did not find answers for any of these questions. Kraden consoles Sheba by explaining that he had never known the true comforts of a home or his parents either, because Babi had taken him away from the village of his birth when he was only four years of age to live the entirety of his life in Tolbi as a scholar. Unlike Kraden's case, Sheba at least had a more appropriate father figure.

Mars Lighthouse and the Golden Sun[edit]

The oceanic passage to the world's northern reaches above the Great Western Sea had been overtaken by a glacier that cannot be passed without being destroyed externally, and so the Adepts are forced to explore the Great Western Sea further for help. While exploring Magma Rock on the southwest part of Gondowan, they find uniquely handlable Magma Balls within its volcanic interior, and while visiting a settlement of dwarves excavating a site they call Loho at the western coast of upper Angara, the Adepts obtain an ancient war weapon called a Cannon. They return to the oceanic passage and fire the Magma Ball at the glacier to destroy it, and the Adepts are able to cross over into the northern reaches and thus the last legs of their journey.

Felix and Isaac make it to Prox, the hometown of Saturos, Menardi, Karst, and Agatio. The warm and welcoming people of Prox are certainly different from the vengeful and combative warriors Isaac and Felix had to deal with in their journeys, but the people were despairing themselves because the weather had become bleak and blizzard-ridden because of the phenomenon Hama described, and they all know that Prox would be destroyed in the future by the growing abyss to the north, the edge of the world beyond Mars Lighthouse. The chieftain of Prox, Puelle, first discovered that the edge of the world was gradually growing in size and suspected that the seal placed on Alchemy was the culprit. Prox originally sent emissaries to Vale to tell them of Prox's plight and try to convince them that Alchemy had to be restored to the world, but Vale's elders refused to listen to them and drove them out by force. Puelle and the Elder of Prox had to take it upon themselves to send Prox's two finest warriors, Saturos and Menardi, to raid Sol Sanctum, take the Elemental Stars they contained, and go on a journey to light the Lighthouses themselves and save their hometown. Isaac learns this is the truth behind the actions and motivations of the individuals that originally set him off on his journey.

Because Karst and Agatio had gone off to light the last Lighthouse themselves, Puelle had given the order that Kyle and the parents of Felix are to be let free should Felix return to Prox. However, none of the three adults are anywhere in the village, as though they had gone to Mars Lighthouse themselves. The Adepts meet with Puelle and the Elder, where it is immediately brought out how Isaac was the one that killed Saturos and Menardi, but the people of Prox quickly find it within themselves to forgive Isaac on the basis that he proved stronger than them and is now laboring to accomplish their original goal. It has become apparent to everyone that Karst and Agatio are not going to achieve Mars Lighthouse's activation, so Prox calls upon Felix and Isaac's party of Adepts to enter the Lighthouse, retrieve the Mars Star, and finish the job for Prox and for the future of Weyard.

The group of Adepts proceed to enter and begin climbing Mars Lighthouse. Along the way, they encounter and fight a pair of lumbering Flame Dragons. When the dragons are dispatched, they suddenly transform back into the dying forms of Karst and Agatio, who recall that while they were exploring Mars Lighthouse, a mysterious force materialized before them, gauged their souls, and determined that they lacked the will to go any farther before turning them into dragons, preventing them from activating the Mars Lighthouse with the Mars Star. Karst and Agatio willingly hand the Mars Star to Felix and entrust him with the remainder of their mission, in spite of their prior antagonism with Felix. Felix and the rest of the Adepts are forced to leave the dying pair behind to head toward the aerie of Mars Lighthouse, even as Karst and Agatio swear to themselves to stave off the embrace of death until they can see the light of the Mars Beacon.

At the aerie of Mars Lighthouse, Felix and Isaac's party find waiting for them none other than the Wise One, the guardian of Alchemy's seal and the entity that originally tasked Isaac and Garet with the recovery of the Elemental Stars. The Wise One demands to know why Isaac disobeyed his command and came to light the Mars Beacon, and Isaac and the rest of the Adepts respond with all that they had found out about how the world would eventually be eroded away if Alchemy was not released in time. The Wise One simply counters that if Alchemy is unleashed, mankind may well become the harbingers of Weyard's destruction themselves. Even after the Adepts proclaim that they would take it upon themselves to ensure that Alchemy not be used for evil, the Wise One simply states that it is an unshakable facet of human nature that one man would seek dominion over all, and then says that this is going to happen sooner than any of the Adepts could have expected.

The Wise One proceeds to notify the Adepts that Alex is currently climbing the peak of Mt. Aleph; Alex knows far more than any of them, knowing that once the four Elemental Beacons were alight, their lights would gather at Mt. Aleph and merge into a golden beam that would bathe Mt. Aleph's peak. This light, which the Wise One describes as the Golden Sun, is the beam of pure, realized Alchemy that would herald the return of the power of Alchemy to the world, and the limitless power that Alex would obtain by standing in its path had been his one true desire from the very start. The Adepts are appalled to realize that Alex had used them all, but Isaac nonetheless keeps to his conviction that the Mars Lighthouse has to be lit to save the world, even if doing so does satisfy Alex's goal for ultimate power.

The Adepts are ready to light Mars Lighthouse, but the Wise One claims that a "miracle" might happen that could prevent them from ignite the beacon's flame if they are unable to defeat it, and then disappears and summons a monster for them to battle: a colossal three-headed dragon of immense power. As the Adepts steel themselves for the battle, Kraden realizes what the dragon truly is, and desperately calls for the Adepts not to kill it, but the Adepts charge into their final battle nonetheless. The clash is the longest, most intense, and most harrowing the Adepts had ever experienced, but they are victorious in the end. Like what had happened with Karst and Agatio earlier, the defeated form of the dragon then transforms into the defeated forms of three separate people, and Jenna breaks down when she and her friends discover that they are none other than Jenna and Felix's parents and Isaac's father Kyle. The Adepts are aggrieved to find that they had been tricked into killing their own parents, in an act Kraden described as the Wise One's final trap, and they are unable to heal the adults with their drained Psynergy reserves.

When the other Adepts curse the Wise One for the pain he had caused, Isaac suddenly calls for his companions to collect themselves and reveals that he had already known what he was about to do before he even raised his sword. However, Isaac went through with the incredibly difficult decision to slay his own father so that the world would be saved, and everyone else, even Jenna, finds it within themselves to agree that what they did was for all of Weyard, not themselves, and their parents would understand their decision to defy the Wise One in order to prevent the world's destruction and save millions. And so, Felix casts the Mars Star into the well of Mars Lighthouse, and the Mars Beacon is established.

All of a sudden, the Adepts receive a form of long-distance telepathic communication from Hama, who passes on the message that now that all of the Lighthouses are lit, the four towers and Mt. Aleph are going to begin the automated process that would give rise to the Golden Sun. All of the lighthouses and Mt. Aleph are going to expel a lot of energy, making them dangerous for people to be near, which is why the Wise One is appearing to people in their dreams and warning them to take refuge; obviously, the Adepts wonder why he would do that considering what he did to them, but Hama announces that one's actions did not always reflect one's true intentions, and that the Wise One has a caring heart. She warns them to evacuate Mars Lighthouse immediately, but the Adepts don't even have time to decide whether to take their parents' bodies with them or leave them behind, for the Mars Beacon quickly engulfs them and the entire aerie in its energy.

Balance to the elements is restored with the activation of Mars, bringing back warmth and heat to the world and ending the blizzard that had plagued Prox, and the combined influence of the four beacons returns Alchemy to the world and resustains the world's life force, allowing for the landmasses of the world to grow back in size over time. The wave of energy that the Mars Beacon expels during the process infuses the bodies of everyone on the aerie because they are all Adepts, and this includes the bodies of the three parents, whose life forces are miraculously renewed by the energy. The Adepts bring themselves and the three adults out of Mars Lighthouse and back to Prox, where the people of Prox proceed to nurse the adults back to health.

When the Golden Sun had temporarily formed from the merging of the energies of the four beacons to bathe the peak of Mt. Aleph in a beam that was the purest manifestation of Alchemy's power, Alex had made it to the peak in time to stand in the center of the beam of light. As the power of the Golden Sun passed through his body to infuse Mt. Aleph below, he gained great power and near-limitless life, and his grand plan succeeded. Alex finds, however, that he is not as all-powerful as he originally envisioned, and the Wise One suddenly materializes before him and reveals that he does not command full mastery of the building blocks of reality. Believing the Wise One is trying to anger him, Alex uses his newfound power to telekinetically push the Wise One back and gloat, but the Wise One drives Alex into the ground and renders him immobile with a single, powerful telekinetic burst.

An aghast Alex demands to know who had robbed him of his dream, and the Wise One proceeds to explain that this was set up long ago; when the Wise One awoke from his slumber during Saturos and Alex's invasion of the Elemental Star Chamber, he predicted Alex's plan and set up a precautionary measure against it. The Wise One had imbued the Mars Star that was in Isaac's possession at the time with a mysterious property, which in the present had ended up causing the Mars Beacon to imbue some of the power it would have contributed to the forming Golden Sun into Isaac's body rather than Alex's. Now that Mt. Aleph has been infused with the Golden Sun, it and all of the landscape surrounding it begin to change and sink, and the Wise One announces that Alex will be drawn into the earth along with the mountain forever if he does not flee. But alas, Alex can not even move, and the Wise One concludes that Alex now sees the limits of his power and may not survive what is coming up. The Wise One's final statement to Alex before the mountain is drawn into the heart of the earth is that, if Alex survives, they may meet again someday.

Felix, Isaac, Kraden, and the rest of the Adepts are thanked by Puelle, the Elder, and the rest of Prox for saving their town, for saving all of Weyard, and for effectively bringing about a new age where Alchemy may once again drive the advancement of civilization. Isaac is personally concerned, though, about what may have happened to Vale and those that live in it, including his mother Dora, due to all the energy that was being released at Mt. Aleph during the return of Alchemy. As everyone boards the Lemurian Ship bound for home, Isaac also ponders why the Wise One did everything he did, such as make them fight and nearly kill their own parents, when they got revived later on by the Mars Beacon anyway. Kraden is certain that the Wise One knew in advance that the parents would be revived by the Mars Beacon, so he hazards a guess with great implications: The Wise One's true intention was to test Isaac and his friends as individuals capable of making difficult decisions. Alchemy is a power that could allow for great deeds, but also for great evils, so the release of Alchemy into the world entailed a great new responsibility for Isaac and the Adepts to take upon themselves: to watch over a world that is now likely to go down the path of war and strife. Because Isaac was willing to sacrifice what was most dear to his heart to complete his quest for the greater good, he had risen to the Wise One's challenge.

Isaac and Felix's companions, Kyle, Felix and Jenna's parents, and Kraden finally reach the last destination on their trip back to Vale, but are horrified by what they see: Mt. Aleph and the area surrounding it are effectively gone, and Vale has been completely erased. Despair quickly overtakes everyone, who presume that all of Vale's residents had perished when Alchemy was released, and Isaac and Garet are hit the hardest emotionally, believing that Dora and all of Garet's family are now gone forever. But all of a sudden, the townspeople of Vale reveal themselves to be okay; Garet's family explains that the Wise One had evacuated them out of Vale before the town and everything around Mt. Aleph were destroyed. Dora welcomes both Isaac and Kyle home; as they embrace, everyone celebrates in front of where Vale used to be.

And so ends the story of how Isaac and his companions, heretofore known as the Warriors of Vale, came to unleash the "Golden Sun event" on the world of Weyard.

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