Riki and Tavi

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Riki and Tavi are first seen trapped in the Shrine of the Sea God

Riki (ウプル Upuru) and Tavi (ペチャロ Pecharo) are a pair of young boys from Daila who play the part of the town miscreants. They are playing at what is supposed to be an off-limits area - the Shrine of the Sea God dungeon - when the tidal wave strikes all of Indra, and the two are separated by a chasm with one trapped at an end. If Felix's party helps them out with the Lash Psynergy found in Kandorean Temple, they will tell Felix about a Jupiter Djinni (Breath) they've been trying to catch before they return to Daila. Afterwards, the town of Daila will update, and it's only at this point when the kids have returned that an easily missed cutscene with Alex can occur at Daila's manor.

Cultural Reference

  • Their names are most likely a reference to 'Rikki-Tikki-Tavi', a short story by Rudyard Kipling.