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Lunpa the Righteous Thief

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Hometown unknown
Age unknown
Relatives Donpa (son)
Dodonpa (grandson)
Donpappa (great-grandson)
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Japanese name (ルンパ Lunpa)

Lunpa (ルンパ Lunpa) is an NPC who appeared in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. He plays a relatively notable role during Felix's visit to Lemuria.


Kyle.gif Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.

Lunpa was once a noble thief who traveled the world collecting treasures. At some point, he founded the town of Lunpa, located in northern Angara, and had a son Donpa.

Almost one hundred years prior to the settingGolden Sun, Lunpa was sailing with Babi in the Eastern Sea. During this time, a great flood washed their ship into Lemuria, an ancient city whose existence was unknown to most people. Both Babi and Lunpa spent time with the citizens; this was the first contact with outsiders that many had had for centuries. However, Babi soon stole a Lemurian ship and left Lemuria with some of Lemuria's mystical draught, which would allow any person who drank it to stay alive for an indefinite period. However, Babi left Lunpa behind, writing a letter apologizing for the situation.

Lunpa remained in Lemuria, keeping young and fit due to consumption of the draught, but had no contact with the outside world. He remained in a house located in Lemuria, but largely kept to himself. However, he maintained a good relationship with Lemuria's king Hydros, and the two shared the theory that Weyard was in decline. Supporting this decline was Lunpa's own map of Weyard, which showed a definite shrinking of the continents as compared to Lemuria's ancient maps depicting the worlds Golden Age.

Lunpa, after explaining King Hydros' theories to the player, encourages Felix to ignite the remaining Elemental Lighthouses.

When Felix's group of Adepts arrives in Lemuria, they are sent to meet with Lunpa while Felix's comrade Piers, who was Lemurian himself, mourns the loss of his mother. Lunpa is surprised to learn from Felix that Babi has recently died, leaving him to believe that he was alone. However, he is alerted that his grandson Dodonpa is ruling the town of Lunpa while resorting to evil ways and wonders why his son Donpa is letting him get away with it, not realizing that Donpa has become a very old man in his absence.

After hearing of Felix's quest to relight the Lighthouses, Lunpa brings the Adepts to speak with Hydros himself, who had been speaking with Piers. Also present is Conservato, the leader of the Senate, who refused to believe that the world was in decline. Piers had apparently been tasked with leaving Lemuria to see the condition of the world, but had been swept away by a tidal wave prior to leaving. Through his travels with Felix, Piers is able to verify Lunpa's account of the world, and notes that the shrinking of the continents is even worse than in Lunpa's time. This leads Lunpa and Hydros to realize that, without Alchemy to nourish the world, Weyard will soon reach its end. To this extent, Lunpa and Hydros encourage Felix and company to light the lighthouses as soon as possible. To accomplish this goal, Lunpa gives Felix the Grindstone, which he found during his travels. The Grind Stone bestows Felix with a special Utility Psynergy that will allow the party to reach the Great Western Sea and the Lighthouses located there.

After the Adepts leave, Lunpa decides to remain at the palace to support Hydros, particularly after Conservato declares that he and the Senate will attempt to stop their actions.


  • In his house in Lemuria:
Lunpa: ...Babi? I only know of one man named Babi... But it couldn't...
Kraden: Master Lunpa, the Babi we speak of is the same man you knew long ago.
Lunpa: Ah! So... he's still out there, living in the outside world?
Kraden: Well, that might not be the most accurate way of putting it.
Lunpa: Most... accurate? My, you certainly have an odd way of turning a phrase...
Kraden: He was living, yes... Until recently, that is...
Lunpa: So, Babi passed away... But only recently, you say?
Kraden: When he finally ran out of his mystic draughts, his spirit began to wane.
Lunpa: Then... I no longer know anyone in the world outside.
Jenna: But... Aren't you Lunpa, the Righteous Thief?
Lunpa: I was called that once, long, long ago. Why do you ask?
Jenna: I'll bet there's at least one person in the outside world whom you still know.
Lunpa: Who would that be?
Jenna: There's a town called Lunpa in northern Angara. A man named Donpa lives there.
Lunpa: I settled that village! And Donpa... He is my son...
Kraden: Now, your grandson, Dodonpa, rules over your village.
Lunpa: Rules? Rules is an ill-sounding word.
Jenna: But it's an accurate one, Lunpa. Dodonpa is an evil thief, who has caused much trouble in Angara.
Lunpa: What has become of my son? How could he permit such a thing to happen?
Kraden: Master Lunpa, don't you have any idea how old Donpa is? (When Lunpa appears not to know) He is as I am. An old man... He may be older even than I.
Sheba: If this news outrages you, why don't you go and set Dodonpa straight?
Lunpa: If only I could...