From Golden Sun Universe
Element Mercury
Hometown Lemuria
Age unknown
Hair color Grey
Eye color Brown
Japanese name (コンサバト Conservato)

Conservato (コンサバト Conservato) is a Lemurian and an NPC that appears in a cutscene in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. He is a very aged Lemurian who holds the highest office in Lemuria's Senate, and believes stoutly that King Hydros, who he has many disagreements with, is wrong about his suspicion that the world has been deteriorating and that it has been caused by ages with Alchemy sealed away. As the leader of the Senate, he wields considerable power, enough that the King cannot simply ignore Conservato, and the two are often forced into lengthy debate. Given that Lemurians have a naturally slow perception of time, this means that the bureaucratic process takes an unbelievably long time to resolve.


Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.
Conservato, outraged by the prospect of lighting the remaining Elemental Lighthouses reminds the party in none-too-friendly terms, the strict laws of Lemuria.

Conservato, stout in his belief that Alchemy is dangerous and that Lemuria is in no danger of falling into disrepair, refuses to allow King Hydros to send Piers out to investigate the effects that the sealing of Alchemy has had on the outside world. However, when Piers is coincidentally picked up by the tidal wave caused by Poseidon's return, he is powerless to stop the Adept from bringing information back into Lemuria. He is present when this information is shown to the King and sees first hand the shrinking of the landmasses, proof that without Alchemy to nourish it, Weyard is dying. Despite this overwhelming evidence, he utterly refuses to accept the premise that Alchemy must be returned, and is outraged that two lighthouses have already been lit. Although he does not stop the party, he assures them that once they leave Lemuria, they will never be allowed to return, and storms off to inform the Senate of his decisions. He is not heard from again, locking himself in the Senate chambers to debate the issues (this is also why Felix's party can freely return to Lemuria over the course of The Lost Age, the banishment has been stalled by bureaucracy and is not in effect yet).


  • Conservato's name is a fairly obvious pun on the word conservative.


Lunpa: Conservato? That fool. He refuses to acknowledge what he can see with his own eyes!