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Hometown Lunpa
Age unknown
Relatives Lunpa (father)
Dodonpa (son)
Donpappa (grandson)
Hair color Grey
Eye color Brown
Japanese name (ドンパ Donpa)
Donpa captured the Mercury Djinni, Tonic, and will give it to Isaac's party if the speak to him after completing the Lunpa Fortress optional dungeon.

Donpa (ドンパ Donpa) is the elderly former mayor of the town of Lunpa, which was named after his famed father who settled the town, Lunpa the Righteous Thief. Nowadays, however, he lives in Lunpa Fortress in distress as his son, Dodonpa, rules Lunpa with an iron fist, with his nefarious empire of bandits and thieves sullying Lunpa's name as an honourable thief.

Donpa is bedridden over this, but if Isaac's group comes to Lunpa to confront and defeat Dodonpa, Donpa will be quite happy to throw his son in jail until the latter learns some virtue. Afterwards, he will thank Isaac and allow him to get a Mercury Djinni he fought "long ago", Tonic (which couldn't have been too long ago, as the Djinn were only scattered across Weyard when Mt. Aleph erupted at the beginning of Golden Sun).

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • In Kalay:
Kalay Soldier: "Dodonpa is a very evil man. His father, Donpa, is heartbroken at the state of Lunpa now."
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