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Ivan's mother

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Ivan's mother, who was Hama's mother as well, was a Jupiter Adept that lived in the town of Contigo on the continent of Atteka up until Ivan's birth. Her two children, Ivan and Hama, were recognized by the Contigans as inheritors of the powers of the ancient Anemos tribe that lived far back in the ancient past at the city where Contigo now stands, for they both had Adeptness to Jupiter Psynergy and the specific Jupiter-based abilities of cognition and prediction. This, somehow, led to a "life of suffering" for the family that was brought about by a "terrible misfortune" that fell upon them.

As a result of these supposed misfortunes that were falling upon Ivan and Hama and their mother, she and the people of Contigo agreed that Ivan be handed over to the merchant Hammet to be raised as his own son-figure. Hammet swore this oath, and he departed Contigo for his homeland of Angara with the baby Ivan and the Shaman's Rod in his possession. Ivan's mother was wracked with grief over the departure of her son, and died soon afterwards. Hama, in the meantime, left Contigo as well to settle elsewhere in Angara.