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Werewolves (ヴアンピイア Vampires) are a clan of people who can turn into wolf-and-human hybrids on the full moon. They are also known as lycanthropes. These werewolves reside in the village Garoh, located in southeastern Osenia, below Air's Rock.

The people of Garoh tend to not communicate with the outside world, especially during the night, due to their fear of people shunning the werewolves. According to legend,people hunted werewolves and burned them alive calling this act "purification". During the full moon, the people would cloak themselves in case any tourists would travel by.

The people of Garoh are ruled by their chief, Master Maha.

Some residents of Mikasalla and Garoh have vaguely given a hint to the existence of possibly other werewolves, and other were-creatures, in Osenia. However, because of the lack of interaction with the outside world both villages have, and the fact that other civilized were-creatures were not found in any other point in the game, this may not be true.



Werewolves have certain traits to take note of. At a young age, it is much more difficult for werewolves to control themselves, especially during childhood. Also, in werewolf form, speaking the human tongue is much harder to do. Master Maha is the only known werewolf thus far who can speak the human tongue in his werewolf form fluently.


Though the exact origins of werewolves are not explicitly confirmed, two theories are put forward. Firstly was the theory posed by Master Maha, who, having been forced to live in his werewolf form for many years, had thought long and hard about the causes for his transformation. He believed that the reason for their people's transformation was simply evolution, in much the same way a caterpillar would transform into a butterfly, or in the same way a humans would don armor to change their form into a more sturdy one. Thus, by becoming werewolves, he believed, the residents of Garoh were simply showing and acting upon their natural survival instincts.

Kraden theorizes.

The other major theory is that associated to Alchemy, and was theorised by Kraden, Maha and, to a lesser extent, Sheba. They believed that the wind picked up particles of Psynergy Stone deposits in Air's Rock and blew them over Garoh, endowing the people of that town with Adept-like powers of varying potency. This mutational influence could thus be the cause of both the residents of Garoh's use of Whirlwind and their form-changing behaviour.

On a related note, the moon is, according to Contigo legends, the City of Anemos, an ancient and powerful tribe of Jupiter Adepts, this may have some bearing on the werewolves (being Jupiter Adepts who are influenced by the moon), though this is entirely speculative and may simply be a coincidence.

With the introduction of beastmen in Dark Dawn, it could also be theorized that there is some connection between the two groups. Notable parallels include the full moon acting as a power boost to both, full moon nights being festive, and the fact that many beastmen were originally human. It should be noted however, that the two are never referred by the same name; the people of Garoh are called Werewolves or Lycanthropes, while the people of Morgal are called Beastmen; in the Japanese versions of the games, the people of Pompiichii Village (Garoh) are called Vampires, while the people of Morgal are called Manbeasts. In both games, there is also an enemy line akin to these people – the Wolfkin, which are specifically called Werewolves in the Japanese version of the games.