Elder of Madra

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The Elder of Madra is the former mayor of Madra who is training his son, now the Mayor of Madra, for his future duties. This aged man believes that strength and virtue are the necessary qualities of mayorship, which is why when the Madrans falsely imprison Piers on account of piracy committed by Briggs, the Elder has the Mayor bring a group of Madrans with them and travel together all the way to Alhafra on a separate continent where they believe Briggs is hiding out.


When Felix and his party first arrive in Madra, they meet the imprisoned Piers and learn that this adept was accused of being a Champa pirate under Briggs. As Madra doesn't have any ships left, Felix's group seeks to travel to Alhafra to find a ship, as well as possibly find a way to free Piers so that they could use his ship if they got his aid. The Elder of Madra's wife grants the group passage to Osenia, where they eventually encounter the Elder, his son, and their retinue in the middle of the Yampi Desert.

Parched and tired, and seemingly at a dead end, the Mayor almost gives up hope, being able to see an oasis in the distance but not reach it. The Elder decides not to aid his son in the trial of Yampi Desert, believing it to be a true test of the new Mayor's leadership. When Felix opens up a passageway through the desert with a new Psynergy, the Mayor spots his group at the Oasis above and is able to guide their way through the Yampi to Alhafra.

Upon arrival in Alhafra, the Elder encounters his old associate, the Mayor of Alhafra, who seems to prefer to treat with the him rather than his son, much as he prefers to talk with Kraden than with Felix. The elder quickly becomes frustrated with the Alhafran Mayor, but with the aid of Felix, Kraden and their group, the Elder and his son are able to meet with Briggs, prove Piers' innocence, and secure the broken Alhafran ship bought by Briggs for the town of Madra.

Unfortunately, he and his son have to leave Alhafra before the ship is fixed, since Madra herself is not in the best of shape at the time being and needs her leaders. Before the Elder returns however, Piers' black crystal that he had entrusted with his family was stolen for a witch-doctor ceremony by the Kibombo. Though Piers was freed by his efforts, the Elder worries for Piers safety as the adept travels to Gondowan to reclaim his crystal. Upon Felix and Piers' return, they visit the Elder once more before setting sail to thank him for all he did for them.