Piers' uncle

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Piers' uncle resides in their family home in Lemuria, and is Piers' last living relative.

Piers' uncle is an NPC who appears in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. He lives in Lemuria, and like all Lemurians, is a Mercury Adept. He is the younger brother to Piers's mother, and became a father figure to Piers, as Piers's father had died when Piers was a young boy.

Piers's uncle helped raise Piers alongside his sister for many years. At some point, he became aware of a mission assigned to Piers by King Hydros. However, before carrying out this mission, Piers was washed away from Lemuria by a tidal wave caused by the return of Poseidon. The sudden shock of the loss resulted in the death of Piers's mother, whom always had a weak heart, leaving Piers's uncle alone in Lemuria as Piers's sole living relative.

He is quite happy to see Piers when he, now travelling with Felix's party of Adepts, eventually returns to Lemuria. However, the reunion is not a joyous occasion, as he solemnly tells his nephew of his sister's fate. In the face of this grim news, Piers leaves the party momentarily to mourn at his mother's grave. Piers' uncle asks that the Adepts leave Piers to mourn. He then refers to a mission given to Piers, but is surprised to learn that Piers never mentioned any mission to the group. Piers' uncle then decides to send the group to Lunpa the Righteous Thief, sending a messenger bird to carry the news, explaining that Lunpa will be able to tell the Adepts more about Piers' mission.