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Cloak Ball

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Cloak Ball.gif Cloak Ball
Trade Info
Item class Psynergy item
Equip/Use Effect
Special Equip Effect Bestows Cloak when equipped

The Cloak Ball (シャドーのたま, Sphere of Shadow?) is a Utility Psynergy item featured in Golden Sun and, by extension, Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It bestows the Cloak Psynergy, and it renders Isaac's party visually invisible in specific shadowy areas in the first game. This is necessary to enter Lunpa Fortress and complete its involved sidequest, and it is also necessary to proceed past the fourth floor of Crossbone Isle.

It is acquired in Babi's Palace by interacting with it near Babi's bed after Isaac completes the Colosso Finals in either first or second place and Babi tasks Isaac with finding Lemuria and retrieveing Lemurian draught for him. Babi considers the Cloak Ball to be precious to him but allows Isaac to take it to assist him in his quest. In The Lost Age, it is revealed that the Cloak Ball was originally located in Lemuria and that Babi stole it along with a reserve of Draught when he originally fled the secretive society.

Because it is an optional item in Golden Sun, it will not be part of Isaac's party in the Reunion in The Lost Age if a Password has not been used to enhance the game's file. However, the Cloak Ball has no use in the second game.