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Magma Shard

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Magma Shards are key items found in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. They are golden shards that are found once the Mountain Roc is defeated. Magma Shards are described as "A piece of a volcano's power" by the first tablet within the Belinsk Ruins. This tablet is located in the same room that contains the first pedestal to put a Shard on.

Kyle.gif Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.


Magma Shards are strewn about inside the innards of the Mountain Roc.

Magma Shards are first mentioned by Tret and Laurel as a necessary item for exploring the Belinsk Ruins. The two describe the Shards as a fragment of the Mountain Roc's power. After Matthew's party defeats the Mountain Roc, they notice that one of the shards fell out of the Roc's mouth. After entering the Roc's interior, they find four other shards and a complete Magma Orb. After a confrontation, the Sanan prince, Ryu Kou takes one shard, the Slap Glove and the Magma Orb from Matthew's possession, intending to use them to explore the ruins himself.

Matthew's party takes the remaining shards and enter the ruins. They find that the shards are used to activate special pedestals that alter the layout of the ruins' native platforms and structures.


All of the Magma Shards are used to navigate the Belinsk Ruins. The first Shard that is used will open a wall to reveal a door. The second Shard will make pillars rise from the bottom to allow the player to reach a chest as well as access to the next room. The third Shard will also open a door into the Belinsk Castle, revealing Sveta as well as reveal a new path deeper into the Belinsk Ruins. The fourth Shard will power up gears after the second gate has been opened.


  • There is a fifth pedestal in Belinsk Ruins for the fifth Shard, apparently meant to provide an explanation for the Sanans' entrance into the ruins. While the player can potentially access the room, the pedestal will be unusable.
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