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Golden Sun Realm
Website URL
Language English
Owner(s) Cinder
Launch Date December 2001
Status Active

Golden Sun Realm is a resource site dedicated to the game, with many guides for both games. GSR is currently one of the oldest surviving major Golden Sun sites around to this day. Most view its information as outdated, though.

Features[edit | edit source]

GSR boasts a fairly active forum, a drawing board, an oekaki, an IRC channel, plus a fanfic section and a fanart gallery for visitors to partake in. The site also has a Media section notable for its large gallery of official art, the soundtrack from the game, a translation project and some wallpaper.

Perhaps like other GS forums, Golden Sun Realm's Forum members have occasionally shown their dedication to the series with fan-works like a GS-themed hack of Pokémon Ruby named "Pokémon Jupiter Version". Notably, the forum has recently begun producing a podcast, with 7 episodes out.